Bird Aviary with Stand (Medium)

Bird Aviary with Stand (Medium)

Bird Aviary with Top Play (Black)

Bird Aviary with Top Play (Black)

Bird Aviary with Stand (Large)

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Pamper your pet birds with this sturdy open-top bird cage for sale. Featuring a large play-top dome and plenty of wing space, your small flock will simply adore their new nest. Add to the elegance and beauty of your home with our large bird aviary, including it’s own unique curved stand.

A quick look at the aviary specification reveals that this cage is as much about function as it is beauty - it comes with two wooden perches, two stainless steel food bowls and a large access door. The metal frame is extremely durable, coated in epoxy for extra rust and damage resistance. No matter what species of domestic bird you keep, you’ll find this cage offers a great range of features especially chosen to keep pets happy.

Our bird aviary was also designed with you in mind, as it includes an easy pullout tray that makes clean up quick and easy. Add and remove toys as you wish: this unit is large enough to hold many fun hiding places and diversions for your birds to wile the day away. Open the domed play-top roof to let your birds get up close and personal with you, then close it all away at the end of the day. This unit includes four castor wheels that make moving your aviary simple and effortless. There is also a wire shelf on the base that allows you to keep your bird supplies near the cage.

Key tip: Handle your bird daily to ensure he is healthy and bright. The earliest signs of disease include droopiness, nasal discharge and soiled features. Always let your vet know as soon as you notice something is amiss!

Animal Capacity:
This large-sized aviary can comfortably house 3-4 budgies (or similarly-sized birds).

Metal Material:
Wrought Iron with Vein Powder Coating

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 53cm x 150cm x 53cm
Width: 53cm
Height: 150cm
Length: 53cm

Cage Size: 53cm x 84cm x 53cm
Width: 53cm
Height: 84cm
Length: 53cm

Stand Height: 55cm

Gap Between Wire: 17 mm

Cartons: 1 Carton

Carton Weight: 11 kg

Carton Size: 88cm x 58cm x 16cm

Length: 88cm
Width: 58cm
Height: 16cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Bird Cage
1 x Coaster Wheels Set
1 x Accessories set
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name BIRDS
capacity 4
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