Full Bird Aviary (Large)

Full Bird Aviary (Large)

Bird Aviary with Stand (Medium)

Bird Aviary with Stand (Medium)

Full Bird Aviary (Extra Large)

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Bird cages are a great choice for bird owners that want to give their pets that little bit of extra play space. Unlike a small traditional cage, it’s easy to accommodate a mini flock of birds in this extra large aviary, complete with two perches and five stainless steel feeders. Your birds will live in perfect happiness and harmony in their new nest!

Our extra large aviary is constructed from heavy-duty wrought iron, coated in vein powder for extra resistance to rust and wear. There is a removable base tray, making it easy for you clean up mess in one fell swoop. Note, too, that this model includes skirting to prevent waste and food from falling onto the floor from inside the cage! The large front door allows you easy access to your birds for handling as you see fit. You can also open the top of the cage up and make it into a second play space for your pets.

As you can see, the shape of the aviary is unique an attractive, adding to the décor and appearance of your home. Fill it with colourful toys and additional perches to add to its elegant appearance. To clean the bars, simply make a solution with disk washing liquid and wipe away any stuck-on mess with a brush or sponge.

Key tip: Most domesticated bird species are happiest when living amongst others of their kind. This “flocking” instinct keeps birds safe in the wild. Try to keep at least two birds together instead of just having one on its own.

Animal Capacity:
We recommend that this extra large aviary be used to house up to 12 - 13 small to medium birds (note the bar gap sizes).

Metal Material:
Wrought Iron with Vein Powder Coating

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 123cm x 183cm x 90cm
Width: 123cm
Height: 183cm
Length: 90cm

Cage Size: 104cm x 149cm x 71cm
Width: 104cm
Height: 149cm
Length: 71cm

Stand Height: 14cm

Gap Between Wire: 23 mm

Cartons:2 Cartons

Carton Weight: 41 kg

Carton Size: 162.5cm x 108cm x 15cm

Length: 162.5cm
Width: 108cm
Height: 15cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Bird Cage
1 x Coaster Wheels Set
1 x Accessories set
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name BIRDS
capacity 6+
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