Full Bird Aviary (Extra Large)

Full Bird Aviary (Extra Large)

Full Bird Aviary (Large)

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Your birds will spend a large portion of their lives in their cage so be sure to choose a great one. This spacious, multi-level birdcage is perfect for medium to small bird species living in a group. Keep a single type of bird or several together; with this generously sized bird cage your flock will be able to live in peace and harmony.

The body of this unit is made from high quality metal coated in vein powder for extra durability. You can also remove or insert toys and perches easily, simply by clipping them onto the sturdy bars on the sides. Metal bar cages make an excellent choice for good ventilation, keeping your bird’s home airy and fresh – they are also easy to clean with a spray bottle and sponge. You’ll love spending hours watching your pets flutter through the air as they interact with each other.

This metal aviary is also extremely secure, featuring locks at the bottom of the cage for reinforced protection against escapees. There are also four wheels at the base allowing you to move your aviary easily and smoothly as required. The unit comes with two platforms, 2 ladders and a hammock, but these can all be removed and replaced with sticks and other bird friendly toys. It all depends on what you and your flock prefer!

Key tip: Be sure to clean your bird’s cage every day. Choose a cage with a slide out tray to make cleaning simple and quick. Line the base tray with newspaper as an extra-hygienic measure, or you can even use a pane of glass if you wish to go green.

Animal Capacity:
This large aviary will comfortably accommodate 6 budgies (or similarly-sized birds).

Metal Material:
Wrought Iron with Vein Powder Coating

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 95cm x 140cm x 58cm
Width: 95cm
Height: 140cm
Width: 58cm

Gap Between Wire: 22 mm

Cartons: 1 Carton

Carton Weight: 22 kg

Carton Size: 99cm x 73cm x 17cm
Length: 99cm
Width: 73cm
Height: 17cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Bird Aviary Cage
1 x Coaster Wheels Set
1 x Accessories Set
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name BIRDS
capacity 5
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