10 Adorable Rabbit Breeds Raised as Pets

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Whether you believe it or not, rabbits make great pets.

However, some of them stand out from the rest because of their unique characteristics and traits.

Because of these differences, people see these fluffy creatures in various ways. Nevertheless, they are still the kind of animals that are easy to accept and love.

Considering the fact that they can be ideal pets, there are two things you must keep in mind when choosing a rabbit.

First is the size and second is the care and maintenance it requires. For instance, bigger rabbits can be very affectionate, but due to their size, they will require larger cages.

Wool breeds, on the other hand, require frequent grooming. So before you even think about going to the pet store to find a rabbit, make sure you already have a rabbit breed in mind.

To help you decide which one is most suited for you and your family’s preferences, here are 10 of the most adorable rabbit breeds that are popularly raised as pets today:

1. The Holland Lop

Noted for having a size that does not exceed four pounds, the Holland Lop comes in different shades and patterns.

Due to its hefty yet floppy ears, this breed is considered one of the most popular rabbit breeds. Of all the breeds of Lop rabbits, this one is the smallest.

2. Mini Rex

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As the name suggests, the Mini Rex rabbits are the smaller version of the Rex rabbits.

They are noted for their cute little ears, bubbly face, and plush and soft fur. Since they don’t require excessive maintenance, they make incredible pets.

3. The Harlequin

The Harlequin breed comes in two basic hide varieties.

The first one is sorted as the “Japanese” because of its red colour with alternate markings and the second one is the “Jaybird” that is characterized with multi-coloured spots.

4. Himalayan Rabbits

The Himalayan rabbit got its name from its distinct markings that are similar to that of a certain feline breed. It is often mistaken for the Californian rabbit because of its size.

This breed of rabbit is noted for several things. Aside from being listed as one of the calmest and oldest breeds, it is also the only breed that has a cylindrical body shape.

Its history still remains as a mystery until now, since there are no specific records that tell where they have originated.

5. The Havana

If you want a rabbit that is cute yet fun to be with, the Havana is the best choice for you. Even with its small size, it still looks simple and charming.

This bunny breed was first seen in the Netherlands in the year 1898. It is believed that it cam from the ancestral line of Perlefees, Gris Pele de Hals, and Fee de Marbourg.

6. Florida White

Popular for its short and round head and upright ears, the Florida white is among the most common bunny breed.

While it is still young, it is recommended to spay it. This way, you can handle them properly.

7. Jersey Wooly

The Jersey Wooly is among the most adorable and charming rabbits on this planet. It is basically a cross between a French Angora and a Netherland Dwarf.

It can be easily distinguished because of its thick wool and gentle demeanour.

Here’s something you should know about this breed. It is one of the few breeds that was originally bred as a pet. Over time, it became a popular show breed instead.

8. Satin Angora

Known for its bizarre hair strand, the Satin Angora is also a popular choice among pet owners.

Its name is derived from its odd hair that provides a shiny gleam.

9. Dutch Rabbit

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Though there are lots of bunny breeds that fluctuate in size, the Dutch rabbit is the most famous.

This is because it can grow up to 3 to 5 pounds with its medium short appearance. This bunny variety is native to Holland and is listed among the oldest breed of domesticated rabbits.

Its gentle and serene personality makes it a wonderful pet choice for kids above 10-years-old. Because it does well with interaction, it is recommended to play with them on a daily basis.

10. Mini Lop

Although most rabbit breeds make great pets, the mini lop is said to be the most perfect.

With its reduced bulky body build-up; it can develop up to six pounds. Because of that, they tend to be less dynamic. In order to make them wag their tail, you might have to offer lots of support.

All rabbit breeds are undeniably gorgeous. Regardless of what you choose, rabbits will always be great pets.

With their wit and intelligence, you will never have problems about training them. The rabbits included in this list are just among the most common among households.

At the end of the day, you get to decide who perfectly fits the family.

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