10 Good Reasons to Raise Rats as Pets

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Rats have been a part of the lives of humans for a very long time already. Most people treat them as pests, but some treat them pets. There are those breeds of rats that are really a problem because they are destructive. Then again, there are also those types that have been domesticated and been made as pets by humans.

These domesticated pet rats are the best and most trustworthy pets, you can own as long as it has a good breed and is raised with love and care. So if it is your first time having a pet and you are in the process of selecting which one to have at home, then these are the reasons you might consider having a pet rat as one.

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1. Each pet rat has a different personality.

One of the best and coolest things a rat can have is their difference in personalities. Just like us humans, they differ in personalities, too. Some rats are sweet to their owners, and others are shy. A few are playful while some are mischievous. It all depends on how well you have bonded with your pet rat and how you have been taking care of them.

2. Rats are low maintenance.

If you already have some pets in your home aside from rats, then they might need a lot of time and attention, especially if you have dogs. Not having to bond with your pet all the time will have a negative impact on them, but not rats.

Thankfully, they can just entertain themselves, even if you are away for a while or you are very busy at work. They will just play in their rat cages with their mates whenever they are bored or just play with the pet toys you leave for them. Just be sure not to neglect them all the time. What’s the purpose of having a pet if you just neglect them, right?

3. Rats form a close bonding relationship with its owners and other rats.

Yes, they do! Rats are compassionate little creatures and they also love to be with their family all the time. Rats form close bonds with their human owner as long as the owner is taking good care of them. And most importantly, they form close bonds with their family or cage mate. They usually spend all their time playing with each other or help each other groom themselves. Rats crave attention, especially with their cage mate. While having a lot of rats in a single cage is good for their relation, there are also some safety concerns to consider if you want a big family for your rats.

4. Rats are clean pets.

When people think of rats, they immediately think that rats are dirty and dangerous because of the diseases they carry. But those rats are different from the domesticated rats. In fact, rats groom themselves all the time when they are not playing with each other. They also like to designate a place as their potty area. However, they may leave urine traces on some things in their cage as a sign of their territory. It is normal though because it is just their territorial instincts kicking in.

5. Rats are low cost pets.

Unlike big pet dogs that require a lot of food, rats are small and only eat a little. They can even eat some of the foods that you cook. They eat basically anything, like vegetables, grains, fruits, meats and some extra food from your own cooking. If you are on a tight budget, you can use boxes are their home if you like to. Rats are not picky with their cage. As long as they have a place to sleep and call a place of their own, then everything will be great for them.

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6. Rats can be trained.

Since rats are intelligent little creatures, you can train them to do many different things, as long as you reward them with treats. Rats are able to understand some parts of human language as long as you repeatedly train and reward them. They can also learn their name as long as you trained them properly on how to recognize their own name.

7. Rats are friendly.

They have a low risk of showing aggressiveness with other pets or other cage mates or even us humans. This is why some people recommend having a pet rat for children is good. Since these rats are friend, it also teaches the children how to be responsible on taking good care of pets and other creatures.

8. Rats are very healthy.

If taken good care from birth, rats tend to be very healthy and sickness free, as long as they have a good clean cage and proper food and diet. Rats are also immune to most illnesses that tend to kill other pets.

9. Pet rats are easy to find.

If you are considering or planning to get a pet rat, there are a lot of pet breeders around that sell healthy and clean pet rats. You can also find these rats in pet stores or you can adopt them, too.

10. Pet rats have so much variety to choose from.

Planning to get a pet rat? Then there are a lot of varieties to choose from. Starting from their color, breed or even coat types. Most specially all these kinds of rats are cute. There are also tailless rats or even hairless rats. Some rat types are rare to find, so if you find one, be sure to pick it.

Now, would you consider raising rats as pets? Well, you need not to think twice! The answer should be a huge, “Yes!”

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  1. Noble says:

    Pet rats are very comfortable around people. They spend a large amount of their time grooming, and they like to be in clean places. They will be happy to sit with you during movie time or simply play around with your body. Great article! 👍Thank you for sharing!

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