10 New Year’s Resolution for Your Pets

pets, cats, dogs, New Year's resolution

Whether they’re a list of things that need to be done or some random fun activities to make the year extra special, resolutions are definitely great ways to kick off the year. But for this year, why not include your pets in your resolutions? For that, we listed the best possible resolutions ideal for you and your pets.

1. Don’t buy new pets. Consider adopting!

pets, cats, dogs, New Year's resolution pets, cats, dogs, New Year's resolution pets, cats, dogs, New Year's resolution

In case you are planning to get your pets a new buddy, why not consider adopting from shelters. Many animals in these centers are kept in dog kennels and need loving homes that could provide them safety and security. So it’s an excellent way to test the waters without a lifetime commitment. Most of the time, the setup is introducing a pet to a possible forever home. And that home could be yours!

2. Do not forget to update your pet’s ID info.

Over time, things change. We move to places and even acquire new contact information. And then, we tend to forget updating our pet’s tags. Sad to say, we only remember about this once our pets get lost.

If any of your contact information has been changed this year, don’t wait until 2018 to update their tags or microchip information. It’s a great way to ensure any lost cat or dog makes his way safely back home.

3. Make time to teach your pets some new tricks.

Studies suggest that mental stimulation can significantly reduce cognitive deterioration among senior pets. This means some new tricks, can boost your pet’s brain activity, making him healthy and more active.

Thus, in the coming year, make it a habit to teach your pet some new tricks. Keep their neurons working by practicing those tricks they already know. Introduce them to puzzle feeders and then reward them with treats when they solve it. That way, your pets will stay engaged.

4. Observe proper oral hygiene.

Regular brushing is an excellent way to keep plaque and tartar at bay. Just make sure that the toothpaste you are using is designed for cats and dogs. For a cleaner and healthier teeth, it would be wise to use dental diets, treats, and water additives designed to eliminate tartar.

5. Make it a habit to groom the daily.

Brushing your pet does not just keep their coat tidy. It also gets rid of all the excess fur from the coat, helps distribute skin oil to the fur, and keeps the coat healthy!

In addition, frequent grooming is a wonderful bonding activity that allows you to show to your pets how much they mean to you.

6. Schedule trips to the vet.

Did you know that you can help prevent health problems among pets with annual examinations with the vet? Lots of medical issues like arthritis, obesity, and diabetes are common in senior pets and are much easier to handle if detected at an early age.

A date with the vet would also be a great time to ask advice, get updates on the amount of pet food to be given, and acquire expert opinions about behavioural issues that may be causing problems in your bond with your pets.

7. Always incorporate exercise in your daily routine.

pets, cats, dogs, New Year's resolution pets, cats, dogs, New Year's resolution pets, cats, dogs, New Year's resolution

Your pet cats and dogs would really love to chase you around the yard or in the house. Although it is already a form of exercise, just let them think of it as a game. Think of ways to get them going and enthusiastic. Even the simple cardboard box could satisfy their need for exercise.

8. Explore new activities with your pets.

Every year, we spend so much time in fun and exciting activities, such as kayaking, hiking, and swimming. But in 2017, it’d be better if you can let your pets participate in such activities. It’s a great way to establish a better bond. Aside from that, it’ll allow you to earn the perks of a healthy physical activity.

9. Offer an age-appropriate diet.

Of course, growing pets have specific nutritional requirements to ensure their bodies grow strong and healthy. For instance, in the case of senior pets, they have a much lesser energy requirement, but have other medical issues that need to be taken into account. Therefore, choosing a diet specifically designed for the age of your pet is an excellent way to keep them healthy.

10. Pet food must be measured!

Most of the time, pet owners immediately pour pet food into the bowl, not knowing they’re already overfeeding their fur babies. As a result, they gain so much weight in a short span of time.

Needless to say, it is essential to use measuring cups to make sure your pets are taking enough calories that they need. If possible, ask your pet’s vet to know the recommended amount of feed.

Do you now have a New Year’s resolution in mind? Well, we suggest you don’t just wait for the New Year to make changes in the lifestyle and routine of your pets. As early as now, do the right thing. At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised to feel all those benefits coming!

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