10 Summer Care Tips for Your Pet Cats

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In Australia, the weather could get very unbearable and agonizing, especially when the temperature rises to 35 degrees. That is why air conditioners are considered essential in most households and cold drinks become excellent solutions to quench thirst.

But then again, we also have to remember our furry pals who struggle to keep themselves cool, just like our pet cats! Hence, we presented some useful tips to ensure they don’t suffer from excessive heat this summer and we also offer premium cat enclosures for your furry friend

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1. Shave them.

Whenever you shave your pets, always remember that the coat may not always grow like before. More often than not, it grows thinner than ever. While it isn’t really a bad idea to shave them, some owners think that it will stop them from shedding and keep them cool when the weather is too hot. Actually, a cat’s coat helps them regulate body temperatures, so even after being shaved, he can still shed hair.

2. Trim the hairs in the paw.

Here’s something you probably did not know. Keeping the pad hair trimmed would significantly reduce the amount of cat litter in your place. With a clipper, glide across the paws of the cat and make sure it doesn’t get between. You don’t want to wound the delicate areas.

3. Keep the toenails short.

Obviously, a cat must walk on his paws and not on his toenails. If he has very long toenails, it will only make it hard for him to walk. Also, it will increase the chances of him getting stuck onto something.

4. Clean the ears.

Because most cats have prick ears, air can properly circulate throughout the body. However, this also means debris and other foreign bodies can easily enter the ear canals. Considering that fact, it is best to wipe the ears at least once a week to ensure no mites can cause serious problems.

5. Keep his coat clean and healthy.

The best way to keep cats free from tangles is frequent combing and brushing. Take note that cats have varying coat lengths and types, so you might want to do your homework first and find the appropriate grooming tools fit for your four-legged pals.

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6. Always provide access to water.

Whether you are outdoors or indoors, it is your job to ensure your cat always has access to clean and fresh water. It would be great if you can provide several bottles in case the other one accidentally spills over or driest out. To keep it cold, you can also put ice blocks.

7. Avoid going out on very hot days.

It can really be tempting to go out and have fun outdoors on a hot summer day. But again, these creatures have very sensitive pads. When walking on hot pavements or roads, their feet can be burnt. If you really insist to take them for a walk for exercise, do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon as soon as the ground has already cooled down.

8. Do not leave them inside a car.

Even if you just need to grab a drink from the convenience store, never ever leave your pet inside the car. The temperature rises so fast that it could go from 30 to 60 degrees in just 10 minutes. If that happens, heat stroke is a great possibility, which could kill your fur babies in an instant.

9. Consider having padding pools.

One excellent way to keep your pets cool is to have a padding pool. But whenever you take them out for a swim, make sure you are there to supervise, as they might not be good swimmers. If needed, bring with your some floaters. Moreover, be sure to use water that is not chemically treated. This keeps them safe even if they drink it.

10. Keep them cool with what you have at home.

Be creative and innovative. Install ceramic tiles underneath cat scratching posts to provide your pet cats something cool to sleep on. You can also freeze towels for you to have something to use when you want to wipe them. Your pet will understand why you’re doing that, especially when temperatures are rising.

Well, if you are uncertain about what’s best for your feline friends, we suggest you seek advice from your vet. You’ll definitely get more recommendations from them. But for the mean time, just keep in mind these tips to somehow get an idea on summer care tips for your pet cats.

Bonus. Regardless of the weather outside, your cats will always want to scratch their paws onto anything they like. That something could be your bed mattress, living room carpet, or worst, your most priced furniture piece. If you’re not ready to replace these fixtures due to damages brought about by scratching, you must provide them with an excellent scratching post and familiarize the tips outlined on the eBook below.

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