14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dogs

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While everyone is busy preparing chocolates and ordering bouquets for people they love, our four-legged buddies are just in the corner waiting to at least get a tap or a belly rub. 

Well, our furry loves deserve some love, too! So as you celebrate Valentine’s Day, do not forget about your pooch. You don’t necessarily need to get him expensive dog toys or purchase a new dog cage. Just make sure he feels loved and he’ll know. But if you have some extra cash to spare, you may also consider getting him any of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for dogs: 

1. Hoodie 

Did you just say you love your little pup? Then, great! Let the world know you love him by getting him a custom hoodie. You can order one online or have a custom-made one. Don’t worry because these hoodies are easy to wear. They even give your adorable dog an extra special flair! 

2. Vest 

If your dog hates hoodies, then a vest is probably a good alternative. After all, compared to a hoodie, a vest seems more comfortable to wear. It’s also a great present for dog breeds with wider chests. Like hoodies, you can order dog vests online, but if you feel a bit artsy, then you can make one on your own. You may look up online for some DIY guides on how to make dog vests. 

3. Matching Pajamas 

For those who are proud to say they love their dogs, we suggest you wear a matching pajama set. Although these are hard to find, these pajamas for humans and pooches are often soft and comfortable to wear. Upon wearing, your dog will immediately know you love them. 

4. A Brand New Dog Bed 

Let your pet sleep in comfort by getting him a cozy dog bed. Depending on his size and breed, you may order a dog bed online or get one from the nearest pet stores. You have plenty of options and designs to choose from. Make sure you choose one that your pet will love. 

5. Dress 

Is your dog a diva? Get her a custom dress. Let your dog wear it and let it speak for itself. It’s the perfect wear for a Sunday afternoon walk in the park. Dog owners will definitely turn their heads upon seeing your pooch slay her dress. 

6. A Special Tank 

Why not gift your pooch a special tank that says how much you love him? Find one that has prints like “I love my mom” or anything similar. The tank should make it clear which human is more special for the dog. 

7. A Cute Bow Tie 

Make your dog stand out from the rest by giving him a special bow tie. Not only will it get the attention of the crowd, it’ll also serve as an identification for your dog at times when you take him to the dog park. 

8. An Adorable Nylon Collar 

Perfect for special occasions, a nylon collar should get your pooch dressed up appropriately. Your options range from nautical anchors, florals and butterflies, shapes, and a lot more! 

9. Crate Pad 

Is your pup crate-trained? Then he or she will love a new crate pad that is made with fleece. To make it extra special for Valentine’s Day, choose one that is colored red or pink. 

10. ID Tag 

We all know that an ID tag will keep your fur baby safe, but did you know it’s also a way of letting everyone know that he or she is the apple of your eye. You can engrave it with your contact information. You may also engrave special messages like “I love you”. Put whatever you want, but remember your contact details are the most important. 

11. Dog Toys 

Sure, your pet dog may already have a favorite dog toy. But it wouldn’t hurt to give him a new one. For instance, you can give him a new teddy bear or a dog stuff toy that looks exactly just like him. Isn’t that cute? He’ll probably go wild seeing a little replica of him. 

12. Matching Outfits 

Let everyone know that you and your pooch are BFFs! Go get him and yourself a matching shirt. You’ll instantly become the talk of the town seeing your matching outfits. 

13. Anti-Slip Socks 

Yes, this may sound odd, but a pair of anti-slip socks sound like an awesome Valentine’s Day gift idea for dogs. These socks will keep your dogs from skidding everywhere. And if you could choose a design with hearts, why not? 

14. Heart Toys 

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, just get him a new heart-shaped toy. Be it a squeaky toy or a plush toy, he’ll like it. Who doesn’t deserve a heart on this special day? 

It’s the day of love and no other creature deserves all your love than your dog. Give him any of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for dogs

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