5 Ways to Add Life to a Boring Chicken Coop


A yard with a flock of chickens looks alive and charming. However, raising birds in the city may be a bit of a problem as aesthetic challenges are always present.

For instance, if you have an immobile chicken coop, there are possibilities that dirt have built up underneath it, which isn’t really pleasing to the eyes and can pose threat to your birds. On the other hand, if you have something portable, the base of your coop might have already been worn out due to frequent movements.

Of course, there are always perks and disadvantages in every chicken coop design, but then again, you can still do something about it. In order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your coop, here are some tips we have put together for you.

1. Check the chicken coop parts that need to be repaired.

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Over time, a chicken coop will need to be repaired or modified. Whether the reason is caused by age or other external factors, it has to be fixed immediately.

Fabrics can be torn. Screws might have worn out. Ventilation might no longer be adequate. Predators already have access to the interior, which isn’t really acceptable. Once any of these are noticed, it is best that you have it mended right away. Do not leave it as is because it will only become worse.

2. Have the interior and the exterior of the chicken coop painted.

Who would ever oppose to this? A fresh and new coat of paint can always do magic to the coop. Not only will it bring back the coop’s original charm, it will also beautify the entire landscape of your yard.

But before anything else, make sure you use a paint that is safe for chickens. Remember, these feathery creatures love to peck onto things, so if they accidentally ingest toxic paint, their stomach might become upset. And you don’t want that to happen.

3. Make it more useful.

Chicken coops have plenty of other uses. Aside from being reliable shelters for chickens, these can also be used to beautify the garden. How? Simply plant edible flowers, herbs, and other plants around it. Also, hang plant boxes onto it and install grazing frames. By doing this, your yard will not just look as gorgeous as ever; your chickens will also have something to feed on.

4. Use curtains.

Although it sounds like a silly suggestion, curtains are really useful for chicken coops. Take note that hens need privacy when they are brooding or when they are laying eggs, so they would really appreciate having curtains.

You don’t need to spend just to provide curtain for your flock. You can gather all the leftover fabrics that you have and sew a simple curtain. Once done, install it temporarily so that you can easily remove it when washing.

5. Install some other ornaments.

chicken_coop_beautification_ chicken_coop_beautification_ chicken_coop_beautification_

Regardless of what your chicken coop looks like, there are still lots of accessories you can purchase to somehow enhance your entire chicken-raising experience. These are as follows:

Nest Box

Hens need this to lay their eggs, but don’t just place it anywhere you want. Ideally, a nest box should be placed in a darker area to somehow maximize its usage.

Green Roof

To save space, you can have a chicken coop with a green roof. With a bit of imagination and a little of your effort, you can grow plants on top of the home of your chicken. Though it requires more planning, you can definitely achieve this given a short span of time.

LED Light

Predators are really a huge problem among many poultry farmers. So apart from fences, you need something to deter them. One helpful accessory would be an LED light.

Since you can’t always look after your flock at night, you can make use of such solar LED lights. These mechanisms will gather power during the day. So when it is dark outside, predators will still distance from the coop.


Every poultry raiser knows the importance of food for a healthy flock. With that said, feeders play a vital role as well. Thankfully, these items are now sold in a variety of designs. While some can be simply hung from the ceiling, others can be placed on the ground and can store a couple of days’ worth of food.

Roosting Bars

Naturally, chickens perch at night. Hence, to make their rest more comfortable, poultry farmers would utilize roosting bars. Nowadays, these items are sold in varying designs, which means you have plenty of options to choose from. But even with all the selections, the most important thing you must keep in mind is to provide at least one bar per chicken.

A chicken coop doesn’t have to a distraction in your yard. Just like any other pieces of furniture in your home, it can be an essential addition on your lawn. Besides, chickens always appreciate changes. Thus, you can always take advantage of that to keep them happy and boost their morale.

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