8 Advantages of Keeping a Rooster in Your Coop or Yard

chickens, rooster, chicken coop, chicken care, raising chickens

Having some hens in your yard has a lot of advantages. They give you eggs in which you either sell them or consume for your daily needs. But having rooster or two in your flock has its advantages as well. Today we will discuss about the advantages of keeping a rooster in your chicken coop or yard.

1. Fertilised Eggs

One of the main advantage of having a rooster in your flock is that they can fertilize the hens eggs. If you have a small flock of chickens and you want to expand your flock, then having a rooster will help you have more chicks.

2. Protection

There might be some time that you are not aware that a problem is brewing in your yard. Like a stray dog or some wild animals come to your coop to steal the eggs of your chickens, or worst, the come to eat your chickens. Then the rooster come charging into the wild animals to protect the flock.

chickens, rooster, chicken coop, chicken care, raising chickens

Roosters are the guardians or the protectors of the flock. Having them in the flock is an insurance that your flock is secure and safe. They will even die protecting the flock from potential predators. They will even work even hard in protecting the flock if you have some chicks in the flock.

3. The Shuffle Dance

Yes, roosters dance. It is a courtship ritual performed by the rooster. If you haven’t seen a rooster do a shuffle dance then you need to see it for yourself. Roosters do the shuffle dance to get the hen’s attention. The rooster drops one wing while taking short steps in front of a hen.

chickens, rooster, chicken coop, chicken care, raising chickens

If the hen ignores the dance, the rooster won’t back out and will try to do it again. Some roosters even to the shuffle dance for their human caretakers whenever they are excited about food or something else. Most roosters usually do the shuffle dance early in the morning, so keep a lookout for their performance.

4. Crowing

We all know that most people likes to hear the rooster crowing in the morning. It is the rooster’s way of announcing that a new day is here. Some people in the country have the rooster’s crowing as their alarm clock.

chickens, rooster, chicken coop, chicken care, raising chickens

Their crowing is also their way of warning predators or unwanted trespassers who enter their territory at night. It can be an effective alarm to warn you about predators and trespassers.


5. Finding Treats For The Flock

Roosters are known for their brave and chivalrous behavior, especially when it comes to foods and treats. Roosters usually scour and look for treats like bugs or even some grains and morsels. And when the rooster finds something worth sharing, the rooster will call the hens and chicks attention and share the treat with them.

chickens, rooster, chicken coop, chicken care, raising chickens

What he does is he will pick up the treat and show it off to the flock and drop it on the ground and will make a clucking sound. When the flock comes over to see what treat he got, the rooster will pick up the treat again and will drop it in front of the hen and chicks. If they don’t try to eat the treat, the rooster will pick it up and eat a part of it and will drop it again to convince them to eat it.

6. Looks Good

One of the most important advantages of having a rooster is that they look good within the flock. Having hens and chicks is good, but having a rooster that is like their king is one of the best sights within your farm or yard. This is definitely striking to look at if you have a large breed of rooster. It will look magnificent in your place and along with its crowing, it will make your place a great place to live in for your flock.

7. Harmony

A flock without a rooster will somewhat be a flock of disagreement and dispute. Without a rooster to lead the flock, the hens will fight against each other in order to show dominance.

chickens, rooster, chicken coop, chicken care, raising chickens

Without a rooster a hen will take the role of the rooster and will be challenged by other hens to show who is boss. This internal dispute will sometimes lead to death of other hens fighting. Thus having a rooster to serve as their leader and their guardian is one of the best advantages of having a rooster.

8. Roosters Are Fun

Having a rooster in the yard is more fun than you think. Roosters have different personalities that show whenever they are in the flock or even when they are alone. If you have multiple roosters in the flock then it will be more interesting to watch unless the roosters start to fight each other. It will be fun to watch a hen sneak into another rooster and having another love affair. Like some TV drama but live, instead the actors are roosters and hens. In short, roosters are really fun.

Would you consider keeping a rooster in your yard now? Before you do so, make sure you have all the essentials required for raising chickens.  Share your thoughts with us!

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