Attractive Bantam Chicken Pets for Your Kids

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It seems that taking care of chickens is a hobby best for adults because they are commonly raising them for their eggs and meat.

However, having chickens as pets could also be great for your kids, too.

Since we know that children often like pets with an attractive appearance, there are chicken breeds that wear attractive feather clothing. And among the wonderful chicken breeds that could delight your child are the Bantams.

Here are some Bantam chicken pets that would be liked by your kids:

Silkie Bantams

Silkie Bantams are among the popular ornamental chicken breeds because of their unusual feathers.

Their feathers actually look like fur because they lack the barbicels that bind a feather together. Their furry plumage makes them appear as walking feather balls.

And they are even hailed as the lap kitty of the chicken world.

When a lot of Silkie Bantams flock together, they look like a flock of furry kittens with a sweet temperament.

Aside from their wonderful unusual feathers, they come in different colours, too, such as white, ash, black, brown, tints of red and orange, etc.

And yes, these Silkie Bantams could be eaten. They’re chickens, right?

Modern Game Bantams

Modern Game Bantams don’t have unusual feathers. But they do have extraordinary legs.

Compared to a normal chicken, these chickens wear tall, long and skinny legs attached to their seemingly small compact bodies.

They also serve as wonderful starter chickens because they are naturally tame and gentle.

Your chicken coop won’t appear crowded if you fill it with Modern Game Bantams because they have compact and slender bodies.

They even look like chicken models. You could have them in blue, black, white or a mix of colours.

Serama Bantams

Being the smallest and lightest breed of chicken in the world, the Serama Bantams would surely amaze your kids.

Though small, they have a graceful upright posture, full breast and vertical tail feathers.

This type of Bantam originates from the country of Malaysia and they call Serama Bantams as archangel chickens due to their royal appearance.

Usually, Serama Bantams are under 500g but there are also Seramas that are under 250g. It’s like having a pet songbird inside your chicken coop.

Showgirl Bantams

Showgirl Bantams belong to the Silkie group. Yes, they do have furry-like feathers but they have a featherless neck.

Showgirl Bantams are typically white and the feathers on their head look like the flamboyant headdress of showgirls – and they become even more noticeable because of their bare neck.

Like the Silkie Bantams, the Showgirl Bantams have a sweet temperament but they look funkier and goofier.

Indeed, Showgirl Bantams are one of the best ornamental chicken breeds you should add in your chicken coop.

Belgian Bantams

The Belgian Bantams are another breed of enchanting little chickens.

They sort of look like birds because of their similar feathering. If your child would like to have a chicken pet that looks like a bird, then this chicken breed is for them.

As its name indicates, Belgian Bantams originate from Belgium and there are a lot of Belgian varieties.

Some Belgians have beards, feathered legs and they come in a variety of colors like white, cream, black, ash, brown and many more.

Like the other Bantams, this breed is friendly which makes it a perfect pet for your children.

Since these ornamental chicken breeds are smaller than the regular breeds, you have to teach your child properly on how to handle them.

The kids might get too excited having these wonderful Bantam breeds as pets and may cause the chickens harm if improperly handled.

Show them how to handle their pet chickens the right way. To pick up a chicken, do it fast and quick. Hold their wings firmly yet gently so as not to make their wings flap.

Aside from teaching your child on how to pick up a chicken, teach them the following chicken care tips:

– Feed and water the chickens. Feeding and watering them helps your child and their pets to form a bond. Plus, your child would learn how to be a responsible pet owner.

– Let them assist you changing chicken nests. Though the lovely ornamental Bantams are not much of the egg-laying type, they still need clean and fresh chicken nests inside their chicken coop.

– Teach them how to collect eggs. For your children to enjoy having chickens as pets, make egg-hunting a fun activity. Give them their own little baskets where they could put their hunted eggs.

Chickens don’t actually much human interaction unlike pet dogs and cats. But you still have to instill to your child how to properly care their pets with your assistance. Just like the other pets need care, chickens need them, too. Though these Bantams are ornamental, you could still gain several benefits from their eggs and meat.


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