A Beginner’s Guide to Washing Your Pet Dogs

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Although your dog’s smell may seem nothing but the usual, there are pooches that are too particular with their smell. Some just don’t like it when they smell foul. Others hate it when they are too greasy. Hence, the need for dog washing or bathing is important. 

Interestingly, regular dog bathing and grooming can help ensure a happy and healthy life for your canine friend. So, to give your pet dogs the life they deserve, here’s a simple guide on how to properly wash your pet dogs: 

Choosing Shampoos and Conditioners 

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Unlike humans, our pet dogs have a very sensitive and thin skin. They also have a different pH level. Therefore, it isn’t always safe to assume that the products we use on our skin are safe to use for our pets. 

It is best that you use a pet shampoo that is gentle of great quality. If your canine is prone to greasy and dry skin and is always suffering from skin infections, you might want to consult your vet first. He can definitely give recommendations on which dog products are best used. 

As for conditioners, they are not really necessary, unless your canine has a dry and thick hair. If there is a need to use a conditioner, read the labels for directions on its proper usage. Most of these conditioners don’t need to be rinsed and can be applied directly on your pet’s dry coat. 

The Right Place for Bathing Pet Dogs 

No, the dog kennel is not the right place to bath your pet dogs. If you have small pet dogs, you need not worry about where they should be bathed. The laundry sink or a basin will already suffice. Just make sure you use a non-slip mat to prevent your pet from slipping. 

Another thing to take note of is to make sure you use warm water. Do not use water that is warmer than your temperature. 

To dry them, you can play a game of fetch in the yard or take your pet dogs out for a walk in the park. These activities should help dry them up quickly. 

The Proper Method of Bathing Pet Dogs 

When washing your pets, be sure to keep a hand on them all the time. It should keep them from moving around or leaping out from the bath. 

In addition, prepare everything before you start bathing. That way, you need not to step in and out to get the things you will need. 

As you shampoo your dogs, give them a good massage. When you dry them, use a soft and dry towel to ensure the entire experience is unforgettable for your pooch. 

If your canine buddy is not comfortable with the idea of bathing, especially in specific areas, you can use the rewards system to encourage them to take a bath. 

Finally, if your canine keeps on wiggling while taking a bath, protect their ears from water by putting a small piece of cotton wool.  

Bath time is also the perfect time to inspect your dogs’ ears, teeth, skin, and nails. Check for any signs of lumps, bumps, or abrasions. As you massage their body, feel your dogs all over. 

Important Things to Prepare Beforehand 

As a pet owner, you should have the following basic stuff for dog grooming and bathing: 

  1. Dry and comfortable towels 
  2. Dog shampoos and conditioners 
  3. Handheld spray or hose for bathing 
  4. Anti-slip mats 
  5. Brush 
  6. Sponge 
  7. Cotton wool 
  8. Nail clippers 
  9. Ear cleaner 
  10. Dog treats 

A Step-by-Step Washing Process 

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Here is a detailed guide on how to wash and groom your pet dogs: 

  1. Brush your pet dog first to remove any debris that is stuck in the coat.
  2. Wet your pet. Do not include the head.
  3. Lather and massage a small amount of shampoo.
  4. Gently massage your pet to evenly distribute the shampoo.
  5. Leave the shampoo on for a few seconds.
  6. While waiting for the shampoo to take effect, take a sponge to wipe your dog’s face. You need not use a shampoo in this part.
  7. Rinse your pooch’s body and make sure no residue of shampoo is left.
  8. Stand back to let your pet shake off the excess water in his body.
  9. Towel dry him.
  10. If you want to dry him quickly, you may use a hair dryer and put it on low heat.
  11. Check your pet’s ears if it needs to be cleaned. If it does, clean it by following the procedures told by your vet.
  12. Check the nails of your dog as well.

No More Smelly Pet Dogs! 

Dogs don’t really smell bad unless they have skin issues or other underlying problems. If you notice that the smell becomes too unbearable, take your pet to the vet. He should be able to give recommendations on the best thing you have to do. 

We hope that you are now excited to give your pet dogs a bath! 

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