Bird Cages: A Guide to Choosing One for Pets


If you are a dedicated bird owner, then you should know that the overall quality of the bird cages you are getting plays a vital role in their health or well-being. Basically, every single aspect of the cage will have an effect on your bird – from the design, size, features, to other functionality. Therefore, if ever you take for granted the process of choosing, might as well expect your bird to feel uncomfortable and unhappy throughout their stay.

When it comes to picking a bird cage, there are lots of aspects to take into account. Because of that, the process of choosing the right cage for a certain bird and within a given budget becomes a very tough one. However, if you only understand the pros and cons of your choices, then things will be as easy as pie.

So what things do we consider? Let’s start with the design.

Bird Cage Design

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It is known that there are more than 9,000 bird species. Considering that fact, there are also different bird cage designs suited for each one of them. But then again, there are only four most common styles opted by pet owners for their birds. These include the following:

· Flight Cages

These are also called aviaries. These cages are massive in height and width, which means that birds can freely move around.

· Dometop Cages

As the name suggests, these bird cages have curved tops, which is very much different to that of a typical cage. With this design, birds have more space to climb or fly. This is ideal for owners who wish to raise multiple birds without having to sacrifice the space in your home.

· Playtop Cages

Ideal for active birds that spend most of their time outside the house, playtop cages feature a detachable roof that offers a new sight for your birds.

· Classic Cages

The classic cage design is great for almost all bird species, not only because they look fine and elegant, but because these are very affordable.

Well, these are just some of the most common styles. These days, the modern bird cages already come with loads of features and amenities that will definitely help please your birds.

Bird Cage Size

If you own a cockatiel or an Africay Grey parrot, then you have to know that the bird cage size is essential for their survival. Getting a small cage will only limit their ability to stretch their wings and play. And you don’t want them to suffer. On the other hand, if you get something very large, they might find ways to escape. Hence, you need to ensure that your bird’s head must not fit between the bars.

Bird Cage Safety

Even if your pet bird loves to spend time outside their cage, they still have to stay inside when you are on vacation. With that said, your bird might be able to find ways to manipulate the door latches, nibble on bolts and nuts, and destroy the cage bars just to get out and play. Thus, it is advised that you get a cage with built-in safety features. These include:

· Durable Latches

Latches are made to prevent birds from escaping. While some cages have those swing-out doors that often use a tension closure latch, there are those with hinges that use a dead bolt style latch. Regardless of what you choose, make sure your pet bird can’t manipulate it. The more secure the latch, the better the cage.

· Construction

Just like the durability of the latch, the cage’s construction should also be strong and sturdy. It has to be able to withstand the destructive behaviour of your bird. As much as possible, you have to choose a design that is welded so that your bird will not acquire injuries when trying to escape.

Bird Cage Features

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Once you have considered safety, the design, and the size, it is now time for you to think about your bird’s happiness and convenience. So what can you offer them? Here are some added stuff you can put in their cages:

· Access Doors

This is a really good feature you can install in huge bird cages. Unfortunately, this will require you to disassemble and assemble the cage when cleaning the corners.

· Feeders and Waterers

Of course, you need to feed your birds for them to survive. But this does not mean you just throw the food into the cage. You need to feed them through feeders. There are cages today that have feeders and waters that can be easily cleaned and replenished without having to open the cage. If you want to save, try to take advantage of this feature.


If you choose a well-designed cage, for sure, you can offer your bird enjoyment and comfort that will last for years. With a little planning, you should be able to get a cage that will meet your expectation and at the same time, provide your bird a secure, durable, and safe living space.

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