Why Cat Cages Are Sometimes Necessary

Why Cat Cages Are Sometimes Necessary

Long ago, when I first brought in a cat at home, I told myself there was no reason to cage her. I thought she was among the many creatures that should be allowed to freely roam around my home. After all, this was what I usually notice or observe with other cat parents I met over the years.

Of course, the topic about caging cats is quite sensitive and emotional. As a matter of fact, it has ignited lots of debates and arguments already. This might have been caused by the image created by kitten mills operating in a way where cats that are crying their hearts out just to be let out are just left unattended and piled in small and filthy cages.

Though I am not imposing you should also think the same way as I do, in this article, I am hoping that I can somehow change your thinking about cat cages. Personally, I think that the cat enclosures for sale today do have plenty of great uses. Allow me to highlight some of them below.

Taming Cats

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Nowadays, lots of families try to adopt wandering felines and then attempt to tame them. Well, it is indeed a noble act, but take note that it can be challenging if you do not know anything about cat care. Nevertheless, this task can be made easy by using cat cages.

With a cat cage, cats will have a confined quarter where they can expect their human caretakers to look after them. Even if it will take time to tame these four-legged ferals, the entire process will all be worth it in the end.

Litterbox Training

Based on my own experience, I will suggest caging a mother cat along with her babies 4 to 6 weeks from birth. Before, I had a litter of kittens freely running around my house and since then, they used my whole house as their litter box.

As they grew older, the problem became worse because it was harder to retrain them. It was too late when I realized that caging the entire family at an early stage could have prevented such thing to happen.

So here’s my tip. When choosing a cage, make sure it is large enough to contain a food and a water bowl, as well as a litter box. Also, it has to have one-level only. Many mother cats will bring along their babies with them and climb up the highest peak to ensure their safety. However, this is not safe, especially if they are still newly-born. One wrong move and they will fall to death.

Giving Medication

We have to accept it. Most cats do not want to be medicated. But then again, there are times when these medications are necessary for their overall well-being.

For instance, if your cat suffers from coccidia, caging her temporarily is considered a wise move. Normally, medication for this disease takes 21 days, and if a single dose is missed, then you will have to start again. If you don’t use a cage, you will never solve the problem.


Cat cages are very useful to breeders. This is because many female cats are very difficult to breed in an open area because they like to roll before the male can properly mount them. They do this for two reasons, either because they are teasing the male or they just want to stay out of their reach.

Introducing a Cat to a New Environment

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If you are planning to relocate, please think about caging your feline buddies first. This way, you are helping them to transition faster.

Basically, cats need time to familiarize everything in her environment – sights, smells, and the sound. As soon as you open the cage, leave it as is because your cat thinks it is her own safe spot. She might want to get back inside from time to time until she gets used to her surroundings.

I’ve heard lots of stories about cats going missing for weeks after being let out into a new house without proper introduction. If you don’t want that scary incident to happen, you might want to cage your cat for the mean time.

Training Device

Do you know that cat cages can help promote peace in your home? Sometimes, even if a new cat is properly introduced with another, they may tend to fight. Regardless of the reason, the best solution might be caging the offending cat, until the situation becomes calm.

Well now, I just hope that this writing has cleared up any wrong and negative notions people have about caging cats. Really, cat cages are designed for the general welfare of our furry buddies and not for punishment. Anyway, in the event that you decide to let loose your cat, please continue reading the eBook I wrote below, entitled “15 Ways to Save Your Furniture from Cat Scratches”. It could definitely help you save your most priced furniture pieces.


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