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What NOT to Feed Your Pet Birds

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Feeding your pet bird in a bird cage or outdoors is your responsibility, but sometimes feeding it with the wrong food can endanger its life. Foods that are safe to eat for us humans are sometimes not the same with birds. Some can be poisonous to them and some can be life threatening. So, in […]

Living with a Bird and a Cat: Is It Possible?

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At some point in time during our childhood, we watched a television cartoon show, where a bird and a cat living in the same house, didn’t go along very well. That is why we are left asking, in reality, is it really possible for them to live peacefully together under the same roof? Can a […]

A Checklist for Starting Pet Bird Owners

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Getting bored at home? Thinking of getting a feathered friend instead of the common pets like cats and dogs? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll teach you some things to consider before adopting or purchasing a pet bird. Before anything else, ask yourself. Are you ready for a new pet? Or is […]

6 Bird Species That Are Low-Maintenance

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When it comes to finances for pet maintenance, birds seem to outrank cats, dogs, and other domestic animals. That is because several bird species need a certain level of attention and some socializing activities, which could be very time-consuming. But compared to typical four-legged pets, our avian friends are easier to care for. While there […]

The Code of Conduct to Raising Pet Birds

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As a pet bird owner, have you met other people who disapprove of your animal companion? Well, honestly, it’s not that they don’t like your pet. Perhaps, they are just questioning whether keeping birds as pets is acceptable. There are plenty of talks, saying keeping birds as pets is cruel because they have to be […]

How Pets Make Life Better This Year of the Fire Rooster

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As a pet lover, there’s no denying that our fur babies bring a whole new level of happiness in our lives. Although there are instances when times get rough, they just manage to wake us up to a smiling face. So, for those of you who still don’t have a furry pal, you will be […]

Bill of Rights: The Rights of Every Pet Bird

Birds are long kept as pets. For decades now, they have been traditionally made as companions by us, humans. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to meet their basic needs. And what’s sad is that the inherent nature of birds makes them easily adapt to whatever the condition, even if it is far from the most […]

5 Crucial Things to Know About Pet Birds

Pet birds are admired for their intelligence, brilliant and vivid colours, mind-blowing aerial moves, and their ability to communicate. Sad to say, because of what they can do, most owners keep their winged pals in small and boring cages. Deprived of the freedom they naturally had, they tend to become depressed and lonely. And when […]

5 Widespread Diseases Among Pet Birds

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Like cats and dogs, birds make wonderful household pets, too. They add colour, life, and harmony to a boring environment. They also make a good company for the couch potatoes. So if you are thinking about raising pet birds, you’re up for something better. Not only will you enjoy the view; you’ll also be at […]

10 Reasons to Get a Bird as a Family Pet

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Nowadays, people would rather decide to get a cat or a dog as a household pet than a bird. But for sure, you are not one of them. You are courageous and aren’t afraid to embrace challenges, hence you’d definitely opt for the second choice. That explains why you’re here. Well, there’s nothing to worry […]