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4 Ways to Care for Your Aging Pet Bird

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If there is anything constant in this world, it is ‘change’. Over time, we, including the things and beings around us, embrace change we may or may not like. Our physical appearances vary. The trees grow taller. Places become developed. But whether we like it or not, we have to accept everything that is happening […]

7 Tips to Helping Your Pet Birds Thrive


No matter what avian species you are raising, it is undeniable that pet birds are truly a delight to have at home. That is especially true if you understand everything about bird care. With a right-sized bird cage, a well-balanced diet, and a few toys for entertainment, you can make them feel welcomed and safe […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Bird Owners

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Bird Owners

It’s the time of the year again when the cold air warms up and all the snow melts away. We get to witness the leaves as they grow and autumn flowers flaunt their beauty. We get to open our windows to welcome fresh air into our homes. But then again, it is also the time […]

What Is Your Pet Bird Trying to Tell You?

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Pet birds, in general, can be moody. One minute they are playful, and then you’ll notice them demanding for your time. More often than not, a pet bird can give you hints about his wants and needs. Although some other bird species like parrots can talk their hearts out, there are certain behaviours among all […]

Tips on How to Hand-Feed Your Pet Birds

Tips on How to Hand-Feed Your Pet Birds

Whether or not you have just started raising pet birds, it’s a great idea to understand and familiarize the basics of hand-feeding. It isn’t just useful for sick birds; it will also save you from unexpected losses in case the need arises. Here’s an example scenario. One of the parent birds suddenly stops taking care […]

Train Your Pet Birds to Do Awesome Tasks

Train Your Pet Birds to Do Awesome Tasks

Perhaps you are thinking that I am insane or what. Truth be told, pet birds can be trained, only that it takes time. When we say training birds, we often think of parrots and mynas as they are among the most intelligent bird species. Finches and canaries, on the other hand, are usually thought of […]

Ways to Keep Your Pet Birds Warm in Winter

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The winter weather may seem to be easy to prepare for. We just turn up the thermostat up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and then, we’re good to go. However, it would be pretty nice and humane if we share a bit of that comfort to our pet birds. Whether you keep parrots as pets or […]

5 of the Smartest Pet Birds in the World

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Birds may have gotten a bad name over the years, being called “dull” and “dumb”, but in reality, these creatures are way beyond that. Based on recent studies, it was proven that several wild bird species have an amazing IQ level that is almost similar to that of humans. But what about the pet birds […]

Things to Consider When Owning a Parrot

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Many people think that parrots don’t require much care like other pets. They assume that these winged and talking animals can survive without maintenance or the like. As a result, when they decide to raise one as a pet, they get surprised of the many responsibilities that await them. At the same time, they also […]

Strangest Bird Facts You Haven’t Heard Of

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No matter where you are in this world, you will see a variety of birds. While some appear normal living with humans in temporary enclosures like bird cages, others in the wild have an exceedingly unusual lifestyle. With that, these creatures should never be taken for granted. What am I talking about? If you think […]