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10 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

10 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Your Pets min 1

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for us pet owners to get our fur babies a gift to show them they are also loved. Of course, we can get them a special treat or buy them a chew toy, but there are those things that could be useful and fun for both of you. While you […]

A Useful Guide to Cleaning a Ferret Cage

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As a responsible ferret owner, it is your job to clean the ferret cage regularly. And when you say clean, this includes wiping, replacing the sheets, washing the accessories, and getting rid of the litter. Since it is just a very small area, we assume that it would be very easy for you to take […]

Pet Ferret Care: A Guide for Ferret Owners

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Raising a pet ferret isn’t something that you should take for granted. Though they are adorable and cuddly creatures, they still require lots of attention. And to remain healthy and happy, they also need quality care and comfortable shelter or ferret cage. Whether or not you have a ferret at home, these tips should help […]

What You Should Know About Ferret Cages


Although ferrets need about three to four hours to play outside their cages, they normally spend the rest of the day inside their enclosures. For that reason, comfortable and well-designed ferret cages are considered a basic necessity. These days, these ferret coops come in a variety of shapes, designs, and features. While some have solid […]

Top 10 Questions Answered About Ferrets

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Ferrets are friendly, intelligent animals with many misconceptions. Here are some of the top questions about ferrets answered: Are Ferrets Difficult to Keep? Ferrets make great pets for people young and old. They are active pets that are more demanding than cats and dogs. Curious, playful, quiet and amusing are some words to explain a […]

Techniques for Success With Your Ferret

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There is no specific trick that works when it comes to training a ferret. There is no right way as each ferret is different in nature and temperament. You should use a mixture of techniques to get the best from training your ferret. Some key components include patience, consistency, and giving your ferret what he […]

Top 25 Ferret Facts

top 50 ferret facts

Top 25 Ferret Facts 1 #DidYouKnow? FERRETS have different names, an unspayed female is a ‘jill’ and an unspayed male is a ‘sprite’. 2 #DidYouKnow? FERRETS live for an average of 6 to 7 years but have know to live a bit longer. 3 #DidYouKnow? FERRETS are actually members on the ‘mink’ family. 4 #DidYouKnow? […]