Chicken Coop Plans that Are Easy-to-Do


Chicken coops come in varying shapes, sizes, and designs. They can even be constructed using a variety of materials, such as Oak, Maple, Cedar, Pine, and Birch. But, despite all the differences, they all have the same purpose. And that is to serve as a shelter for chickens against the harsh weather conditions and deadly predators.

Although you can customize a coop depending on your preferences and available materials or buy a ready-made one on the market, there are actually several chicken coop plans you can do and follow at home. So below, we sorted all kinds of coops created by random poultry raisers for you to get inspiration. Check them out:

Small-Sized Chicken Coop

A small-sized chicken coop is best built if there are only 2 to 3 birds being raised, regardless of the chicken breed. However, if there is more than that, then probably it will no longer be efficient.

Basically, a small coop can only cater to the needs of a limited number of chickens. But, the best thing about it is that it can be moved from one place to another, without having to stress out yourself. The height of a typical small coop is 3.5 inches, depth is 38 inches, and length is 64 inches.

Medium-Sized Chicken Coop

A medium-sized chicken coop is ideal for poultry-raiser with more than 5 birds. Compared to a small-sized coop, this one comes with lots of advantages.

Because it is larger and more spacious, it can house a bigger number of chickens, probably 20 to 25. Design-wise, it is somewhat elevated from the ground with a screen floor. Thus, the chicken droppings will directly fall through.

As a rule in building a medium-sized coop, every chicken should at least be allocated ten square feet.

The Cluck Carrier is the most popular medium-sized chicken coop. It has three opening panels made for cleaning and easier bird removal, as well as optional nesting boxes, which makes the process of gathering eggs faster and better.

Large-Sized Chicken Coop

Unlike the other two coops listed above, a large-sized chicken coop is designed in a manner that makes it easier for cleaning. Because of its massive size, this kind of coop is often referred to as a “chicken house”.

To build this, poultry raisers usually use existing sheds. They remodel it in a way that meets the needs of a chicken and the requirements of a coop. It can be easily distinguished from the rest as it comes with a trap door that can be used by the birds to go in and out to the yard, and of course, with its massive size.

A large-sized chicken coop is perfect for those poultry owners planning to make a living out of chickens as it is capable of holding up to 50 or more birds.

Nowadays, you can either construct your own large-sized coop or buy one. But, if you’re planning to make one by yourself, you might want to consider the following:

·        Space

When constructing a coop, make sure there is enough room for at least 50 birds to live conveniently during the winter season.

·        Lighting and Ventilation

Just like humans, chickens also need proper lighting and ventilation to survive the hottest part of the day.

·        Cleanliness

Because there’ll be plenty of birds in one room, it is important that you keep the place clean. This way, you can prevent disease from spreading from one chicken to another.

·        Feeders

Chickens also need a room when eating. Hence, you must also give priority to the construction of feeders.

Portable Chicken Coop

Among all types of chicken coops, the portable coop is the best type that you may consider. The reason for this is that it is very affordable and can be easily built. Also, it can be moved from one place to another without any the hassle because it has built-in wheels.

Due to its cross-sectional design and portability, this type is ideal for raising birds in small areas. In fact, it is especially popular with chicken raisers in urban areas. Since it doesn’t really take up much space, chickens can freely roam around inside, making them feel comfortable.

Stationary Chicken Coop

The stationary chicken coop is another type of shelter for birds that is applicable to all other types. Oftentimes, this is built within a certain structure or in a specialized fenced location. With that in mind, anyone can build a stationary coop, regardless of the size.

Though its size may vary based on the number of chickens, the primary rule is to have at least four square feet for every bird.

This type of coop is best suited for poultry owners who want to prevent unexpected assaults of predators.


All types of chicken coops are designed to meet all the needs of your chickens, such as a clean nesting box and access doors. So, whatever chicken coop plans you might have in mind, rest assured raising chickens will never become an issue.

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