How to Choose a Starter Pet Bird For Bird Lovers

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So, you have an unconditional love for birds and then you finally decided to get a bird as a pet? However, you can’t decide which specific bird breed you want as a pet. As a new and upcoming pet owner, I highly recommend any of these two: Parakeets and Cockatiels.

Any of these two types of birds are the best and ideal starter pet bird to have for a new pet owner of birds or even people who have other pets aside from birds, but don’t have any experience taking care of birds. These two species of birds are easy to take care of and they will provide you with all the love and affection they can give to you if you treat them right.

It is important to know that there are significant differences and characteristics between the two bird species that I have mentioned, thus it is important to know each kind to find the perfect bird for you to take care of and shower all your time and love with.


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Out of the two bird species that is recommended for beginner pet owners, the parakeet is the most common recommendations by bird breeders, pet store and fellow pet owners. There are a lot of reasons why a parakeet is the best and ideal pet to purchase or adopt.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. A parakeet is extremely cheap to purchase if you decide to buy from a store or a bird breeder compared to the other two birds.

2. Aside from the cheap parakeet, their diet is also very simple and very affordable.

3. Another reason why a parakeet is recommended is that they are very easy to take care even if you have no experience in taking care of other pets and it is totally your first time having a pet.

4. If you have the patience, time and love that you can share with your parakeet, then it is very easy to develop a bond between you and your parakeet.

5. If you think that parrots are the only birds that are capable of mimicking human speech, a parakeet can do the same as well. In fact they are very adept in mimicking human speech compared to all the other birds of the same size as them.

6. Most of all parakeets are fun little creatures to be with.

Please take note and it is also very important that even though I have stated that they are very easy to take care of, it does not mean that you can just leave them inside their bird cages to take care of themselves. As a responsible owner you should not neglect them and they still require you to take care of them and spend some time with them. If ever you don’t have the time to spend with them everyday then you should consider at least adopting or purchasing a pair of parakeets to keep them stimulated and they will not feel lonely. Parakeets have feelings too.


pet bird, bird breeds, bird care pet bird, bird breeds, bird care pet bird, bird breeds, bird care

These lovely little birds are a level above the parakeets. They need a little bit more of care and attention required for them to live a happy life with you. You might also consider getting a slightly larger cage for the cockatiels. Aside from the getting a larger cage for them, you may also consider these things if ever you decide to adopt or purchase a cockatiel:

1. First thing to consider is commitment. Are you ready to commit yourself in taking care of them for years. Cockatiels have a lifespan typically ranging up to 10 years or so. So think before you get cockatiels as your first bird pet.

2. The second thing to consider is their vast range of personalities. Some cockatiels may have a tame personality, and some might have sweetest personality, but beware, some cockatiels are feisty and aggressive and ready to bite you anytime they get provoked. So consider their personality, if you can live with the feisty one and think you can tame him, then it is great, for nobody else might consider adopting or buying them other than you.

3. Another thing to consider is that cockatiels socialize a lot. And so they need a little bit more time to spend with than with parakeets. And most cockatiels will require more human interaction just like some other pets.

4. Cockatiels love music, too. If you are a music love and loves to sing and play songs around your home, then your cockatiel will mostly listen to you singing. Some cockatiels even learn the song and whistle back as you play the song.

5. Even though they are tiny birds, cockatiels may bite you at some point. But consider their bite as their sign of love. Their bite will not hurt. (I think)

So just like having a parakeet as a pet, cockatiels are a fun pet to have too. Just remember to think which bird type suits you best. Don’t be afraid to ask other pet owners or bird breeders questions related to any of these birds. They were once newbies to the pet world too and you have to start at some point.

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