Dog Flea Prevention: How to Stop Them


While adult fleas are often spotted on your dog’s coat, they actually love to lay their eggs in the surrounding environment, such as in rugs, carpets, bedding, or even in the grass. So obviously, getting rid of these parasites can be a daunting process.

According to studies, for every flea you see on your dog, there are more or less hundreds of larvae and eggs found in the surroundings. Thus, a simple yet effective flea control program designed for both the animal and the environment will definitely go a long way.

So how do you prevent their population from rising?

Get Rid of Fleas in the Indoor Environment

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An indoor flea prevention plan should include the removal of all kinds of fleas – egg, larvae, and adults – and the control of any possible signs of development. To achieve this, you can start doing these things:

1. Vacuum daily.

By vacuuming the places where your pet sleeps – under the furniture and the rugs – you can eliminate up to 50% of the flea eggs. Once you are through, seal the vacuum bag properly and throw it away somewhere far from your home.

2. Use products that are proven to kill adult fleas.

In order to stop the growth and development of eggs and larvae, it is best that you use a mild yet effective product. It doesn’t really matter if it is in the form of sprays, carpet powders, or foggers. As long as it contains insect growth regulators like methoprene and Nylar, as well as an adulticide, then it would suffice.

While foggers are best used for wide and open areas, sprays work well in hard to reach places, which include under the furniture, cracks, and baseboards.

However, when choosing a product, make sure you practice caution. You have to consider the presence of other family members with asthma, as well as other dog breeds. If you have problems in making a choice, your veterinarian should be of great help. In case of severe infestations, it is wise that you seek help from legit and professional pest exterminators.

3. Daily washing is important.

It is advised that you wash your pet’s bedding at least once a week and treat it with a product that doesn’t promote the growth of fleas.

4. Clean and treat your indoor environment whenever possible.

As a homeowner, you have to know how to keep the interior of your home clean. For sure, you know where your pet dogs love to stay. You can always start cleaning there and treat it with the appropriate products.

Outdoor Environment Flea Control

Controlling fleas in an outdoor environment is just as important as controlling them indoors. Considering that the outdoors is a wide area, there are lots of places to clean. But if you know where to begin, it’ll be easier for you to get rid of those stubborn parasites.

Fleas like it when a place is moist, shady, and warm. Sad to say, these places are also where your pets love to spend most of their time. Hence, you can always focus all your efforts on dog houses, under the porches, and patios.

If possible, sweep away any organic debris, including straw, hay, grass clippings, and leaves. This way, you can disturb the habitat of parasites. In addition, wild animals, such as rats, chipmunks, and raccoons carry fleas. So make sure you build fences to prevent these animals from entering the premises.

Flea Prevention Methods for Dogs

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Once you have eliminated the fleas inside and outside your home, it is time to get rid of those that are on your pet’s pelt.

Nowadays, there are plenty of flea control products you can use on your pets and are available at your favorite pet shops. These come in a variety of forms like shampoos, collars, powders, injectable products, and a lot more. However, these products don’t really kill the fleas. They’ll only make them come out. In order to eliminate them, you have to use an insecticide.

Let’s take a look into two most common flea prevention products you can use on your pooches:


While most dog shampoos are designed to get rid of fleas and ticks, some of them leave some residues, which isn’t really great. In order to avoid this, rinse your pet immediately at least 10 minutes after the application. But then again, you need to protect the eyes and ears of your pet as these shampoos normally contain a strong chemical called pyrethrin.


Flea control sprays usually come in pumps or aerosol bottles. When using this, you don’t have to wet your pet. Just make sure you spray it to the body of the animal. But be careful when using this around the eyes. You don’t want to cause them irritation.


If you are a responsible pet owner, it is not enough that you know everything about dogs. You should also understand that the best way to prevent flea infestation among your dogs is controlling. So at the very beginning, familiarize all these tips to ensure you and your dogs get to live happily and harmoniously.

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