How to Choose a Dog Boarding Kennel

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There are times when we have to go on business trips for days or go out with the entire family for a vacation outside the country. Yes, these instances are rare, but the thought of leaving your pet behind even for a short span of time can be very stressful for you and for him.

Well of course, the eBook I wrote below entitled “20 Behaviour and Obedience Training Tips for Dogs” can somehow help you in taming your dog. However, I tell you that it will not be enough. You can’t just leave your dog at home alone, right? Even if he is well-behaved, come to think of it. Who is going to feed him? For that reason, many people decide to find a dog boarding kennel.

How do you choose the best dog boarding kennel if you are in Australia? Before making a decision, it is just right to look around for different dog boarding kennels in the vicinity and ask questions. If possible, you can even ask the opinion of animal experts. That way, you will be 100% certain that your four-legged pal will be left in a safe and affectionate environment.

So what questions should you ask? I prepared some examples below.

1. Should I look around the dog boarding kennel?

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The answer is definitely a yes. By asking for a tour around the facility, you will know whether it is quiet and free from any foul smell. Because sanitation plays a vital role in the lives of your dog, his temporary living and playing areas must be very clean and neat.

In addition, the place must have proper lighting and must be attended by passionate staff. Ask the staff how many dogs they usually board and how many workers are assigned to look after each of their little guests. Ideally, the ratio must be 1 staff is to 10 dogs. The higher the staff-to-dog ration, the better the dog boarding is.

2. What are the characteristics you should look for in their staff?

Certified staffs are never really required. What’s important is their attitude and dedication to keeping your dog secured and safe. They must pay close attention to the needs of every dog under their care. They must welcome every pet as if they are about to check in at a world-renowned hotel. And then, they should take down notes about a dog’s special diet or exercise needs. Plus, they must be friendly, patient, and truly concerned for the overall well-being of the animals.

3. Do the working hours matter?

Regardless of where you are in Australia, you will notice that dog boarding kennels are not always manned 24 hours a day. But then again, it is just reasonable to ask for their working hours. The tendency is that in the middle of the night, the staff won’t have any idea if your dog gets sick. Hence, it is imperative that you know whether or not somebody is assigned to check on the facility at all times.

4. What safety concerns must I be aware of?

In the dog kennel, keep an eye for any torn fencing, bent wire, or sharp edges. Aside from that, ask if your dog is allowed to play with a chew toy unattended. If that is the case, then it is a red flag.

Another thing you must know is that dogs in these facilities must never wear collars. If they are, this could pose a threat. So if you have an elderly dog, it might be better to house them at a veterinary clinic.

5. How would I choose a dog boarding kennel if my pet has medical issues?

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It your dog is disabled or has medical problems, you might have a hard time looking for a dog boarding kennel facility. But you need not to worry because it depends on the extent of the condition.

For instance, if your dog is blind or deaf, you can just inform the handlers about it so that they can stay close when your pet needs help.

6. How do you deal with pet separation anxiety?

Issues with pet separation anxiety can affect your dog boarding kennel search. If your dog suffers from this, then he might not be a perfect candidate for boarding. Thus, a pet sitter might be your best choice.

In case you cannot find a pet sitter, you can still help your pet cope with such stressful event. You can provide him with pheromone products like DAP to relieve his anxiety. Here’s another tip. You can also leave any piece of clothing that has your scent so that your dog will feel you are nearby.

Overall, the most important thing you must look out for when visiting dog boarding kennels in Sydney or anywhere in Australia is how the facility makes you feel. You can trust your own instincts. If you feel your dog is going to be comfortable there, it is most likely that your furry pal will feel the same way.

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