How to Properly Take Good Care of Pet Cats

How to Properly Take Good Care of Pet Cats

I know you will all agree with me if I say cats are extremely adorable creatures. With their affectionate and gentle personality, no wonder why it is very easy to fall in love with them. But then again, you can’t just decide to raise cats as pets for reasons like you find them very cute or charming. Of course, you should know and accept the fact that bringing them into your home entails great responsibility. After all, it’s not just an ordinary creature you are about to welcome. It can be a great friend, a companion, and a family.

So how do you properly take good care of pet cats? Well, there are plenty of ways – feed them, provide them with a spacious cat enclosure, and etc. However, allow me to elaborate some of the most obvious ones. Here you go.

1. Keep them safe indoors.

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When I say keep your cats safe while indoors, there is actually plenty of things you need to do. You can provide them with a comfy crate or cage. You need to make sure all windows are secured and screened to prevent them from escaping. You have to check if the dryer and the washer are closed. Also, you should ensure that the closets and cupboards are empty before closing them.

2. Give them with proper identification tags.

Regardless of how careful you might be, there are these rare instances when they could escape and make their way out of that door. To be sure they get home safely, it is best that you give them each a collar with an ID. The ID should include your name, telephone address, and contact number.

3. Take them to the veterinarian.

Medical care is necessary for cats, too! So before you introduce a new cat at home, make sure they have all completed their required shots. If you are worried about the costs for veterinary care, do not fret. You can just take them to the nearest animal shelter.

4. Invest in cat scratching trees.

For cats to be able to satisfy their urge to scratch, they will always find something they can claw on. It could be your most expensive couch, your bed, or even your antique table. I know you don’t want that to happen. Therefore, I suggest you find them a durable cat scratching post. It is designed for scratching and clawing, so you don’t need to fret about it being damaged. If you want to know more about this, you can read the eBook I wrote entitled, 15 Ways to Save Your Furniture from Cat Scratches, which you can download below.

5. Feed them regularly.

If you are uncertain about what to feed, do not ever attempt to feed them with anything. There are foods that are considered safe for other pets, but are dangerous for felines. As much as possible, seek advice from experts. Educate yourself about the nutritional needs of cats by reading books or researching online. To be really sure, consult your veterinarian.

6. Keep their litter box clean.

Cats are clean creatures. Therefore, there are chances that they will really use a litter box. As the owner, make it a habit to scoop the box on a daily basis and wash it with non-toxic soap.

7. Groom them regularly.

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No matter how long or short the hair of your cats are, it needs to be brushed every day. This way, you are helping them keep their skin healthy and shiny. Aside from that, you are also preventing the formation of hairballs. But did you know that grooming is also a great chance for you to find out whether there are any underlying injuries or lumps among your cats.

8. Allocate time for playing.

If you have kitties, then be sure you set aside time for them. Play with them so as to provide them with the mental and physical stimulation they need. Also, doing that helps strengthen your bond.

9. Provide them with basic training.

Yes, cats are naturally curious. They actually have their own ways of getting things done. But that does not mean you just leave them doing that. Of course, a little training will help so as to prevent them from doing wrong things. Start by teaching them not to eat plants and not to scratch the couch. Eventually, they’ll learn and observe house rules.

10. Consider spaying or neutering your cats.

Spaying or neutering is just among the many things you can do to keep your cats healthy and to help reduce the number of felines being euthanized in a year. If you think you cannot afford such operations, you can always look into budget-friendly options. Again, you can ask your vet about it.

As you take my advice, you will then develop a great, strong, and rewarding relationship with your pet cats. But I am not forcing you to follow each one of these. I know you know your cats better. Hence, you know what to do.

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