Pet Rabbits and Some Fun Facts About Them

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Perhaps, rabbits are among the most sought after pets by many. Not only are they loyal, they are also fluffy, fun, and undeniably adorable. With just a twitch of their nose, anyone would feel honored to bring them home and make them a part of the family.

Although they are easy to adopt, some people don’t understand how tricky it can get to raise  rabbits without any knowledge about them. Just because they can survive in a cage does not mean they are amendable with such habitat. Also, even if they are often depicted in television shows eating carrots, it doesn’t mean they only feed on that. Technically, there are lots of things you must know about these furry creatures.

To start with, here are some interesting facts you can learn from:

They Need a Bigger Shelter

While some prefer to keep their rabbits in hutches, others put them outside so that they can freely run around. Technically, both of them are acceptable, but only in some conditions in which space is taken into consideration.

When putting a rabbit in a cage, it is important to have a large and spacious one. Your pet will need plenty of room to interact with you and their fellow rabbits because they are social creatures.

Here is an interesting fact you need to know about rabbits. They are the third-most abandoned animals. So, if you are thinking of raising one, you might want to consider adopting instead of buying.

They Need to be Neutered

Just like other pets, rabbits need to be spayed or neutered between three and six months. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent them from breeding in an uncontrollable manner. Neutering doesn’t only stop their population from rising, it also helps calm their hormones and control them from leaving some territorial marks.

Rabbits Enjoy Fresh Veggies

Unlike other household pets, rabbits do not eat processed food like those that are packed in bags and cans. Instead, they enjoy those that are fresh, such as vegetables, hay, and pellets. Endive, kale, alfalfa, and carrot are just among their favorites.

If fresh produce isn’t anywhere to be seen, then you can always opt for a nutritional supplement. You can purchase one at pet stores. But if you are in doubt, you can consult the veterinarian. He can suggest the best supplement for your pets to keep them healthy.

They Like to Nibble

It is already known that rabbits love to play around. But sometimes, they have a destructive side owners may have to worry about.

These bunnies love to chew things. So, if you decide to free them in your house, make sure it is bunny-proof. Any exposed cords and wires must be properly tied. You don’t want them to cause problems at home and within themselves.

Because rabbits are natural chewers, it is your responsibility as the owner to provide them with something to keep their mouth busy. You can offer them chewing toys so that they won’t be able to destroy anything surrounding them.

Their Teeth and Nails Never Stop Growing

Just like humans, the nails of rabbits grow constantly. Hence, there is a need to trim them at least once every six weeks.

Apart from that, their teeth also grow continuously, making it important for them to have a steady supply of wooden toys or hay to chew on. Whenever they stop grinding food, they would find it painful to eat. In the long run, they’ll starve.

As a responsible rabbit owner, it is your duty to check and monitor the eating habits of your pet. Twelve hours of not eating can be very deadly for them.

They Easily Get Stressed When Traveling

Whenever they travel to distant places or when they are in an environment that looks unfamiliar, rabbits get very stressed. Therefore, if you intend to bring them with you on your future trips, make sure you bring along a good pet sitter to watch your bunnies as they go around.

If you love to travel distant places that can’t be accessed by land vehicles, bunnies won’t really make excellent pets. This is because only a few airlines prohibit rabbits to fly in the cabin. Most of the time, they are subjected to several months of quarantine periods.

Raising  a Rabbit Involves Money

Same as to adopting other pets, raising rabbits involves a significant sum of money. Aside from the adoption fee, there are other things that should be paid for, such as setting up a hutch, food, and bunny-proofing supplies.

As they grow, more and more fees will have to be taken care of. Other than spaying and neutering, you need to prepare for possible vet fees.


Overall, rabbits make excellent indoor pets because of their natural charm and distinct personalities. But, before you actually decide to raise one, it is important that you learn some things about them to ensure they are a perfect fit for you and your entire family.

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