Prevent Dog Shedding through These 10 Ways

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Dogs are one of the best things on this planet. If you don’t have one at home, you are probably lonely. They are among the kindest, loyal, and most understanding creatures anyone can have. And in return for their goodness, they only want your care, love, and attention. 

Then again, there are nuisances of becoming a dog owner. One is shedding. Sure, we love our pooches, but we don’t want to see all their fur shedding on furniture pieces, carpet, or even on our clothes. 

Truth is, every dog, regardless of their breed or age, shed fur. Shedding is a natural phenomenon for these creatures. As time passes, old and damaged hair just fall off naturally. However, the frequency and amount of fur they shed differ.  

For instance, German shepherds shed throughout the year because they have thicker coats. Other dog breeds like Poodles, on the other hand, rarely shed.  

Although this phenomenon is unstoppable because it is natural, you can do something to reduce the amount of shedding. We listed them below: 

dogs, pet dogs, dog grooming, dog cleaning dogs, pet dogs, dog grooming, dog cleaning dogs, pet dogs, dog grooming, dog cleaning

1. Brush on a regular basis.

Brushing your dog on a regular basis can help reduce the amount of shedding. Try it for a week, giving at least 10 minutes of brushing per day. You should then notice a difference in the amount and frequency of the shedding. 

2. Give importance to nutrition.

Nutrition plays a vital role in the lives of every living being. Regardless whether they’re animals, plants, or humans, everyone needs the right amount of nutrition to survive. 

But did you know that feeding the right dog food to your canine buddies help prevent dog shedding? Yes, that is correct. If a dog is eating right, it will show in its coat. So, feed him with high-quality dog food that is rich with protein and fatty acid. If possible, provide supplements, too! 

3. Get rid of fleas and ticks.

Fleas and ticks are completely irritating to dogs. And since a dog’s health is directly connected to its shedding, it only pays to give attention to these pesky critters living in their coat. 

4. Clean your house.

Cleaning your house has lots of perks. It is for that reason why it has to be a part of your everyday routine. Now, you might be confused why vacuuming helps prevent shedding. While it does not have a direct effect, cleaning can get rid of the dust and dirt from the walls, floors, and carpet areas, which then reduces the chances of flea attacks on a dog. 

5. See the vet regularly.

You might think your pet dog is healthy, but that is not always the case. There are minor illnesses that can affect the overall health and condition of a dog’s coat. If not given attention to right away, they can become critical and may result in a terrible dog shedding. So, regular vet check-ups are necessary.  

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6. Make bathing more memorable and enjoyable for your pet dogs.

A clean dog is likely to have a healthier coat. To clean a dog, bathing and grooming are necessary. However, during winter, it is difficult to convince him to take a bath. Even if that is the case, as a dog parent, you need to make sure your four-legged baby gets washed. The only way to make bathing a fantastic experience is to use a gentle shampoo that is proven and tested safe for dogs. 

7. Groom your dogs.

Grooming will make your pet dog tidy and neat. It will also get rid of the damaged and dead hair. So, if you wish to say goodbye to those messy shedding days, groom your dogs regularly.  

8. Use deshedding tools for heavy shedders. 

If your pet dog is a heavy shedder, then you might want to take advantage of deshedding tools. You may use these things to make the shedding process easier. Ask your pet’s vet about these tools. 

9. Provide access to clean, potable water.

Like humans, dogs need fresh and clean drinking water. It does not only make them hydrated, it also keeps their skin healthy. Thus, you have to ensure that your dog’s water bowl has water. Once you see it empty, refill it right away. Change it every now and them, too! 

10. Use air purifiers.

Air purifiers are not only useful for humans. They are also helpful for our beloved canines. These purifiers help filter allergens and dust at home, decreasing the chances of allergies and infections. Hence, don’t take chances and use air purifiers, if possible. 

Show Your Pet Dog Some Love 

If you have a pet dog at home, it is your responsibility to take care of him and his needs. A dog cage is not enough. You have to do something for him. Since your dog cannot say what he wants, you have to understand him. Give him extra love by paying attention to his needs.  

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