Raising Pet Cats: What You Should Know

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Living with cats is one of the best things you can experience in life. But while other people prefer living with a pet dog or other pets, for us, having a pet cat is the best. Then again, not all things are good when living with them. Still, you can work things out over time, as long as you know about them. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of living with our feline friends.

Why You Should Raise Them

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1. Cats are low maintenance. All they need to have a peaceful and happy life is food, water bowl with clean water and a litter box and they should be good to go. Some additional items can be added if you like. It depends on you whether or not to buy them. It will at your own free will. You can also spoil your cat by having a big cat enclosure, where they can climb up and rest. They can also have a cat scratching post, some cat toys, catnips, cat shampoo and some grooming kits for cats. Other simple cats simply enjoy a good window view or some paper roll, or maybe a small box in which he can squeeze into.

2. Cats are independent little creatures. You can either go to work, school, simply go to the mall, or buy groceries any time you want without worrying about your cat making a commotion or problem. They can entertain themselves or with other cats or pets that you have in your house. As long as there is food and water, leaving them will not be a problem.

3. Cats are clean. They won’t smell like dogs do. Your house will not smell like your cat if the litter box is cleaned regularly. They also like to groom themselves all the time. They also like grooming other cats or their own kittens. While the kittens are young, the parent cat teaches them the importance of grooming, so that when they grow up, they can take care of themselves.

4. Cats are, most of the time, lazy. But some are really not that much lazy. Some breeds are hyperactive and other breeds are lazy like without a care in the world. They like to sleep most of the time during the day. No need to walk the cat, too. A simple ball to chase or a laser light to chase will do for them.

5. Cats can take care of their poopy business. They will not wake you up or disturb you if they feel the urge to poop. They will just go to the litter box and do their business. Unless you haven’t trained them, then that can be a problem. Train them where the litter box is at a young age.

What to Consider Before Bringing Them Home

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1. Cats are unfriendly and sometimes cold to their owners. While this is true, other cats like to stick to their owners all the time. However, the majority of these feline creatures don’t show their affection to their owners. Some of them have a bad temper, too. And by bad temper, we mean really bad temper to the point that they end up biting or scratching their owner, if they get irritated by something.

2. Cats have claws. Their claws lead to damaging some furniture pieces in your house. If you don’t have a scratching post, then you better prepare for some tears and scratches on your wall or sofa. While declawing them is not advisable, you can frequently trim their nails or you’ll suffer the consequences of having a damaged furniture. To be safe, better trim their claws, unless you prefer getting scratched by that claw if your cat is not in the mood.

3. Cats do not like travel or being carried in a box for travel. They are territorial creatures that like to stay in their territory. As a matter of fact, these creatures like to leave their scent on their favorite objects or people to claim them as theirs. If you plan to travel or you travel a lot, then it is better to have someone take care of your four-legged pals for the duration of your travel. Since cats are low maintenance, then the caretaker will just give food and water to your cat and clean the litter box while you are gone.

4. Cats can cause allergies. Yes, they do. Their furs carry dander, which can cause allergies to people. Their saliva is a known culprit in triggering allergies, too. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people, who are allergic to cats. If you really like to have a cat, but you are allergic to one, then having a hairless cat breed might be the solution for you, if you don’t care about appearance. But if you want a fluffy kitty and want a cat as a pet, then better find a certain cat breed that you are not allergic to. Don’t risk your health.

5. Cats are difficult to train. Unlike the dogs that you can teach amazing tricks, cats have a hard time learning. Don’t forget that cats are lazy and prefer sleeping the whole time in the house than doing tricks.

Considering these pros and cons of raising pet cats, would you still go on and pursue your plan of welcoming them at home? Hopefully, you would still do. After all, cats are charming and adorable beings that also deserve to have a place they can call their own.

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