Strangest Bird Facts You Haven’t Heard Of

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No matter where you are in this world, you will see a variety of birds. While some appear normal living with humans in temporary enclosures like bird cages, others in the wild have an exceedingly unusual lifestyle. With that, these creatures should never be taken for granted.

What am I talking about? If you think birds are just these winged creatures that migrate from one place to another in search for food, then there are many things you still need to know. In this article, let me take you to the surprising yet odd part of the animal kingdom, featuring birds.

Some Thrush Species Feed by Flatulence

Thrushes like Robins are among the world’s most successful and widely distributed birds. These average-sized songbirds are normally found in parks and in the backyard, looking for worms to eat.

As weird as it may seem, there is actually an Australian thrush species that feeds by flatulence. It is the Bassian thrush. At first, it directs a stream of gas toward the area where the worm is located, disrupting the worm’s movement. Now, it is able to effectively grab it for a meal.

The Bearded Vultures Dye Their Feathers

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The bearded vulture or the lammergeyer is by far the most beautiful and stunning bird of prey, feeding on bone marrows. Even if its diet is weird, it is its habit of dyeing its feather that captured the interest of many.

Research suggests that this strange bird is known to dye its feathers using natural substances. It begins doing so at the age of seven. By soaking its beige breast feather in mineralized clay or iron-rich mud, it is able to add beautiful highlights to its plumage.

Blue Tits Steal Milk

Often compared to chickadees, Blue tits are songbirds that inhabit the European regions. They are closely related to magpies and ravens. Although they are known for being small, these social creatures are very intelligent and can easily adapt with their environment.

In some towns in the United Kingdom, these birds are said to develop a strange feeding strategy in which they follow people who deliver milk and then open the foil lids with their bills to extract milk. Though the amount of milk taken is minute, it will still result in contamination.

Canyon Wrens Are Nature’s Decorators

Inhabiting the Northern and Southern parts of America, the Canyon Wrens are among the most delightful garden birds. This bird species is sometimes called avian engineers because of their ability to use small stones to create a pathway or patios. Often built by females, these patios are made using 300 stones.

Until now, it remains a mystery why these birds create such bizarre stone paths.

Blue Tits Use Disinfecting Plants in Their Nests

Blue tits are not just known for stealing milk. They are also noted for their odd use of herbal and aromatherapy plants.

Researches say that these creatures put small pieces of aromatic plants in their nests for the purpose of preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

The Common Poorwill Is a Bird Species That Hibernates

When we talk about hibernation, we often associate it with frogs and bears. Only a few think of birds because these creatures will normally migrate to find more innovative food sources. But did you know that there are certain birds that can slow down their metabolism during cold days. Yes, they are common poorwill.

Found in the Western part of America, the common poorwill is often seen preying on insects. But unlike other birds, this bird can go into a full hibernation state during winter. It hides into desert rock cracks and wait for winter to pass through. As the weather starts to warm in spring, it wakes up to do its natural routine.

The Swainson’s Thrush Plays a Literal Mating Game

The Swainson’s thrush is known for being a useful indictor to changing habitat conditions. But then again, there is more to know about this bird.

In a study, it is discovered that male Swainson’s thrushes has an unconventional approach to mating. First, they claim and mark territories in mixed forests in North and South America and aggressively defend them against female birds. After protecting their territories, the male thrush allows the female bird into his territory.

The Osprey Has a Weird Prey Transportation Technique

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The Osprey is among the most common birds of prey found on every continent, except Antarctica. But unlike other birds of prey, this species has no close relative.

To catch its prey, the Osprey plunges into the water and seizes a large fish. As it takes flight with its prey, it can be seen carrying the fish in a perfectly aligned manner, resembling that of an airplane with a bomb in profile.

From odd preying tactics, hibernation, to choice of food, there are indeed many surprising things we need to know about birds. So if you wish to know some other strange bird facts, you might want to download the eBook below.

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