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7 Hairless Cat Breeds

7 Most Popular Hairless Cat Breeds

Hairless cats are guaranteed to turn heads and attract attention. Their unique, bald appearance really makes them stand out!

Beyond the way they look, hairless cat breeds are well known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They love to follow their humans around and cuddle up together.

10 Cat Breeds Preferred as Household Pets

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Regardless of your personality, there’s a perfect cat for you. Aloof or dependent, playful or not, big or small, there are lots of cat breeds to choose from. And as soon as you find the right feline that suits your taste and style, then it’d be a “purrfect” pair. So if you are looking for […]

Ultimate List of All Cat Breeds

If you’re looking for possible purebred cats that you can raise at home, there is a wide selection available for you. Just make sure that before you purchase one based on our information below, you have the correct and necessary tools, such as: cat enclosures, scratching posts, litter trays, toys and food. Abyssinian Common Breed […]