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Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs As Pets

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Which house pet is better? A dog or a cat? It has been a lifelong debate between pet lovers as to which one is better. Some people say that dogs are better because of this and that, while others say that cats are much better. But as for me, let’s just say I have reasons […]

A Guide to Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

A Guide to Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

Choosing the ‘purrfect’ cat scratching post for your feline pal can be very frustrating and tedious at the same time. More often than not, you end up purchasing several models before you are able to convince him to scratch it instead of your couch. But that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. […]

Things Your Pet Cat Wants to Tell You

Things Your PET CAT Wants to Tell You

We always talk about how much we need to use the computer to work, so we end up waking our pet cats and pushing them away, and after a couple of minutes, we see ourselves logging onto YouTube and watching hilarious video compilations of cats. Weird. Well, it’s time for us to realize that our […]

3 Best Places to Put a Cat Scratching Post

I’ve been working in the pet industry for quite a long time already. So basically, I’ve heard and even encountered different people who have had issues and problems with their pets. Although there are solutions to each of their concerns, I find cat scratches pretty interesting. Why? As more and more owners complain about their […]

The Many Uses of Cat Scratching Posts

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Cats scratch for two primary reasons. Either they want to naturally shed their claws or they want to mark a certain place as their territory. Whatever reason these furry creatures might have, it will definitely worry their owners. Why? This is because in order to satisfy their need, they end up scratching almost anything they […]