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Common Problems & Solutions to Get Puppies to Sleep

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Having a new puppy is like having a new baby in your house. They can be cute and playful but it can be a problem if they throw tantrums and especially they poop and pee a lot. It might be a nightmare at first, especially the puppy is still learning a lot of things and […]

The Best Age to Take Home a Puppy

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Puppies are very cute and irresistible, especially when they are still small and young. But one can’t just buy or adopt a puppy if they are still small for they still need their mother’s care. Thus, you need to consider the puppy’s age if you decide on adopting or buying one. Now, you might be […]

How to Puppy-Proof Your House, Especially the Bathroom

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Who wouldn’t be happy when you got new puppies that are born from your own dogs or you got a puppy as a gift or you bought them? Despite the positive vibes they bring, having these puppies can be a difficult job and requires a lot of work. So if you want to take things […]

5 Pros and Cons of Having a Pet Dog

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So you found yourself in the middle of a very difficult decision-making situation, whether to choose a pet dog over a pet cat. “Dogs versus cats, which pet is the best?”, you ask yourself. Yes, some of you will prefer cats while others prefer dogs. But for those of you who are considering to get […]

5 Healthy Oils to Add to Your Dog’s Diet

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With his regular diet, your pet dog may be getting all the nutrition he needs. However, there’s nothing wrong with taking the extra mile. Although commercial dog foods are already packed with essential nutrients, you can still supplement your dog’s daily food routine with healthy oils to further improve their health. Here are some healthy […]

Dog Vitamins: All Questions Answered

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According to statistics, people who take dietary supplements and vitamins are more likely to give their pet dogs the same. They strongly believe that their canine buddies need a regular dose of vitamins and minerals to stay in good shape. While some experts believe that these additions to daily pet food work well, others think […]

A Useful Checklist for Starting Dog Parents

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Dogs always have this special place in our hearts. Although they can’t talk to express how they really feel, they do have their own unique ways to show their love and affection. In return, as dog parents, we have to meet their needs to prove we also care for them. Below is a list of […]

9 Costs Every Dog Parent Must Prepare For

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Raising pets can be very rewarding, but it could get better than that if you don’t overlook and disregard the possible expenses that come with the responsibility. Here’s a little trivia to give you an idea. In the first year alone, a dog parent can spend up to $2,000. That excludes the costs for dog […]

7 General Rules of Paws for a Dog Holiday

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Dogs make great travel companions. As a matter of fact, plenty of pooches achieved instant fame for travelling with their owners. A French poodle named Charley is one of them. However, while they seem to be easy to handle with, especially when going out for a dog holiday, having the right attitude and proper understanding […]

10 Health Signs Dog Owners Must Not Ignore

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Is your dog not acting like his usual self? How do you know if he’s just feeling lazy or there’s already an underlying issue? Actually, you’ll never know unless you examine him carefully. Unlike humans, dogs can’t speak when they feel sick. Therefore, it really helps to know the signs. If you notice any of […]