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How to Get Your Dog to Love His Kennel

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Yes, the dog kennel is known to make training easier and better. But it has some other uses, too. Not only does it provide a comfortable shelter at times when your pooch is feeling sick; it also provides a safety and security for traveling. Then again, there are dogs that think the kennel is not […]

How to Do Crate Training for Dogs Properly

How to Do Crate Training for Dogs Properly

How do you think your dog defines his create? “A private room with a gorgeous view and filled with sumptuous treats? A refuge that offers him safety and security? A quiet place where he can spend most of his time at home?” Well, these definitions are all true, especially if you combine them all. A […]

Give Your Pooch the Perfect Dog Kennel


A dog kennel is more like your dog’s castle. So to be able to make it appear like a home, there are certain guidelines that should be taken into account. Regardless if you are actually building or buying a ready-made dog kennel, as a dedicated dog owner, you can do something to make it look […]

Keep Your Canine Pals Happy in a Dog Cage

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It was a sunny Sunday. So I thought it was a perfect time to walk my favourite chocolate Labrador in the park. Considering the distance of the park from our house, I had to prepare a couple of treats for myself and of course, for my furry pal. Since my dog pal isn’t so comfortable […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Cages

Though there are several aspects you should take into account when buying dog cages, the first thing you should check is whether it really fits your purpose. Take note that a dog kennel or cage can be a visually pleasing thing, but you need to watch out of the chic and classy options as some […]

Best Ways on How to Deal with Your Dog’s Misbehaviour

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Dogs misbehave for a number of reasons. These reasons are commonly caused by the owners themselves. For instance, a dog can misbehave when left along inside the house. Meanwhile, a dog which has not been taken out for long walks or has been inside its dog kennel for most of his life can also misbehave. […]