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How to Choose a Starter Pet Bird For Bird Lovers

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So, you have an unconditional love for birds and then you finally decided to get a bird as a pet? However, you can’t decide which specific bird breed you want as a pet. As a new and upcoming pet owner, I highly recommend any of these two: Parakeets and Cockatiels. Any of these two types […]

Symptoms and Things to Do When Your Pet Bird Is Molting

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First of all, what is molting? Molting is stage in which the old feathers of the bird are replaced by a new set of feathers. Another way to describe molting is like a snake shedding its skin. Molting happens two times a year or even more. It usually depends on the bird’s age and the […]

7 Reasons to Get a Pet Lovebird

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People who want to take care of a pet bird sometimes ask themselves what kind of bird will they get. Different birds have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, having a parrot as a pet is expensive and very time consuming because some parrots are big. However, getting big type of birds like parrots is […]

Bill of Rights: The Rights of Every Pet Bird

Birds are long kept as pets. For decades now, they have been traditionally made as companions by us, humans. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to meet their basic needs. And what’s sad is that the inherent nature of birds makes them easily adapt to whatever the condition, even if it is far from the most […]

What Is Your Pet Bird Trying to Tell You?

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Pet birds, in general, can be moody. One minute they are playful, and then you’ll notice them demanding for your time. More often than not, a pet bird can give you hints about his wants and needs. Although some other bird species like parrots can talk their hearts out, there are certain behaviours among all […]

Pet Birds that Would Be Liked by Your Kids

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Has your kid been bothering you lately to get him a pet bird? Well, that might be a little problem since birds and kids do not actually get along well together (but sometimes they do). We know that you want to make your kid behave by giving him what he wants – a pet bird, […]