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A Guide on What NOT to Feed Your Rabbits

I thought feeding rabbits was easy, but I was wrong. I used to let them nibble onto different leafy veggies I see in the fridge while housed in the indoor rabbit hutch I bought for them. Unfortunately, they got sick in the long run, which was really terrifying. It’s just sad that I learned my […]

Things to Consider When Owning a Parrot

Things to Consider When Owning a PARROT-min

Many people think that parrots don’t require much care like other pets. They assume that these winged and talking animals can survive without maintenance or the like. As a result, when they decide to raise one as a pet, they get surprised of the many responsibilities that await them. At the same time, they also […]

Is a Rabbit the Perfect Pet for Me?

Is a Rabbit the Perfect Pet for Me

Soft pelt, big ears, adorable nose; who could resist a lovable rabbit? I assume there’s none. After all, they are among the world’s most sought after pets today. But before you even decide to get one, you might want to think whether it is really the pet for you. While they are sometimes given away […]

10 of the Gentlest Dog Breeds on the Planet

10 of the GENTLEST DOG BREEDS on the Planet 1

They say, “A house without a pet is never a home.” I totally agree with that. However, I have to be honest to you and to myself. The only pet that could ever make my house a home is my chocolate Labrador. Well, it’s nothing to argue about. It’s only my opinion as I’ve been […]

5 Reasons to Raise Rabbits as Pets

5 Reasons to Raise Rabbits as Pets - feature

I know you all agree that rabbits are beautiful and lovely creatures. They have just too many to offer. And yes, they are simply fascinating. They come in all sorts of colours and sizes. Their fur can even be short and long. Basically, there are just so many reasons to love them. However, allow me […]

Fun-Filled Pet Activities to Do on Easter


Easter isn’t just a time to rejoice. It is also a perfect occasion to spend time with your loved ones and family members. Although it is typical to go out to the beach and spend the whole day out in the sun, there are families who would rather engage in pet-friendly traditions. Over the years, […]

Keep Your Pets Happy and Safe This Christmas


Christmas is the time to party and get together with loved ones, family members, and friends. Although that fact is quite obvious, nothing else can ruin good cheers than emergencies like unexpected trips to the vet. Of course, keeping your pets safe all the time is your responsibility as a pet owner. But we do […]

Make Christmas More Fun for You and Your Pet


For many, Christmas is the time to indulge in sumptuous treats, go on long vacations, and attend parties here and there. However, it is also the season to be with family. And when you say family, this includes distant relatives, friends, and special individuals. But it doesn’t end there. Of course, our pets are also […]

What You Should Know About Ferret Cages


Although ferrets need about three to four hours to play outside their cages, they normally spend the rest of the day inside their enclosures. For that reason, comfortable and well-designed ferret cages are considered a basic necessity. These days, these ferret coops come in a variety of shapes, designs, and features. While some have solid […]