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Top 50 Rat Facts

top 50 rat facts

TOP 50 RAT FACTS 1 #DidYouKnow? RATS are very poor climbers but are just amazing swimmers. 2 #DidYouKnow? RATS have got one of the best memories, when they learn a path, they actually will never forget it. 3 #DidYouKnow? RATS don’t actually like cheese, unlike it is always suggested, they are actually lactose intolerant (allergic […]

Top 50 Rabbit Facts

top 50 rabbit facts

Health Rabbits generally are not heavy animals but the heaviest rabbit was ‘Darius’ who weighed a massive 22.6 kg. Rabbits need to be spayed and neutered, as it is essential for them to maintain their good health. Rabbits require 4 good hours of exercise a day, as they can suffer from osteoporosis if they don’t get enough […]