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Ways to Set-up a Comfortable Rabbit Home


We easily get excited about getting new pets at home like rabbits to the point that we just want everything set before they arrive. We then find ourselves getting busy, visiting one pet store to the other just to get what they need, even if it would mean we have to spend some of our […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Rabbit Hutch


After you’ve decided to finally get a bunny as pet, the next thing you must consider is the perfect rabbit hutch for her. But since there are lots of factors to consider, from the size to the type of cage, it won’t be easy to find the perfect one. For that reason, we have created […]

Rabbit Hutch Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

rabbit hutch cleaning - 1

Cleaning a rabbit hutch isn’t something that everybody looks forward to. As a matter of fact, many thinks it is a really difficult chore. But then again, every household with bunnies must maintain cleanliness in the enclosures to prevent the build up of bacteria that may result in illnesses. Well, rabbit hutches are not really […]