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Common Mistakes Pet Rabbit Owners Make

Common Mistakes Pet Rabbit Owners Make

If you think that a pet rabbit is a cheap animal that is easy-to-care for, well, you ought to learn a lot of things. Truth be told, rabbits are not cheap, and they are not also easy-to-care for. Every year, hundreds and thousands of rabbits end up in rescue centres because their owners abandon them. […]

Rabbit Proof Your Home with These Tips

Rabbit Proof Your Home with These Tips

When living with indoor bunnies, one of your number responsibilities is to rabbit proof your home. And when you say ‘rabbit proof your home’, that means preventing any possible structure damages and at the same time, keeping your rabbits safe. Well of course, the joys of living with a house rabbit would definitely be all […]

A Guide on What NOT to Feed Your Rabbits

I thought feeding rabbits was easy, but I was wrong. I used to let them nibble onto different leafy veggies I see in the fridge while housed in the indoor rabbit hutch I bought for them. Unfortunately, they got sick in the long run, which was really terrifying. It’s just sad that I learned my […]

What Foods Do Your Pet Rabbits Prefer?

What Foods Do Your Pet Rabbits Prefer

Just like humans, pet rabbits also enjoy a good and nutritious meal. Even if they feed on almost anything given to them, such as fruits, seeds, fresh grasses, plant leaves, barks, twigs, and other nutritious treats, it is important that every pet rabbit owner knows which ones are healthy for their fluffy buddies. In this […]

The ABCs of Raising and Caring for Rabbits


For most rabbits, a hutch is more like a home. This is because this is the place where they are going to spend most of their time. They depend so much on these structures as these can provide them with the comfort and security they need. As a rabbit owner, it is your duty to […]