Top 10 Outdoor Must-Haves for Your Dog

Top 10 Outdoor Must-Haves for Your Dog-min

The summer holidays might be over, but that does not mean you can’t treat your dog to one awesome vacation he will never forget. Of course, if time permits, you can still hit the beach, explore the wild, or even go camping up the mountains. However, while those activities may sound fun, there could be perils that await you and your pooch. Nevertheless, if you only have the following items with you, there should be nothing to worry about.

1. Insect Repellent

Like humans, dogs are susceptible to mosquito bites. When bitten, they too can suffer from different illnesses. Hence, if you are planning to take camping trips in the mountain or just stay outdoors with the family for a BBQ night, keep your fur buddies safe with a mosquito repellent recommended by a vet.

2. Cooling Pads

The sweat glands of dogs are found on their paws. So when they feel hot, the only way for them to get rid of excess body heat is to pant or to do something that’ll bring down their body temperature like drinking water or going to the water. However, there are those times when water isn’t always accessible. That said, it is wise to always bring with you some cooling pads.

While there are plenty of cooling pads available today, experts suggest that you use those brands that don’t require refrigeration or water to work. Simply put it in a place you can easily reach so when the need arises, you can easily provide a cool haven for your pooch.

3. Water Bottle

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Knowing that dogs need water for cooling purposes, it is best that you always bring with you a travel water bottle for your canine pal. This item should be of great use if you are hiking with your dog in tow.

Water bottles are also very useful if you are taking long trips in the road. Whenever you feel tired from the long drive, find a safe area to stop and rest. At the same time, offer your dog a bottle of water. That should keep him hydrated throughout the journey.

4. Dog Life Jacket

Going out for a swim? The best way to let your little pooch enjoy the waves is to provide him a life jacket, designed to keep him happy and safe. As you go forth and refresh yourself in the water, take your dog with you. As long as he has the life jacket, he’ll definitely float. But make sure you keep an eye on him. Though he won’t drown, there are times when the current is just really strong. You don’t want to lose him because of that.

5. Sunscreen

Whether you believe it or not, dogs also need protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. In fact, for every breed of dog, there is a specific amount and type of sunscreen you should apply. For instance, if you have a light-skinned pooch with a short fur, a non-greasy and quick dry sunscreen will suffice.

6. Tent

Camping in the woods? Let your pooch feel like he’s the king of the jungle with a pet tent suited for his size. Even if he isn’t in his dog kennel, for sure, he’ll feel very comfortable with it. Not only will he enjoy your vacation together, he will also get to experience the joys of resting in his own tent.

7. A Floatation Device

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It’s not just us who want to have fun in the water. We also want our pet dogs to enjoy, right? Thus, entertain your dogs with a durable floatation device. It will definitely help him explore the seas or the pool while keeping himself afloat.

8. Cooling Vest

Here’s another smart and ingenious way to keep your pooch cool and fresh during those warm days. To use, just soak the vest in cold water, wring it, and then secure it around your dog. With the help of the cooling technology used in the device, the dog’s body heat disperses. Heat evaporates, leaving your dogs feeling cool.

9. Feeding Bowls

Just like a water bottle, a feeding bowl will always come in handy. Since dogs don’t have a definite sense of time, you wouldn’t know when they would want to eat, especially if you are out in the wild. Also, you wouldn’t want them eating their food from the ground, don’t you?

10. Waterproof Collars

There are times when dogs enjoy rolling in the mud or playing in the water over and over. As a result, their collars become wet and stinky. For that, another inventive device was introduced. Now, you can keep your dog fresh with waterproof collars that are sold in vibrant colours!

Although these items could be an added expense to you as the owner, the perks you can reap off from these are numerous. So think about investing in these items. You know, it pays to show some love to your canine pals once in a while.

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