Ways to Kitten-Proof Your House

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In our previous blog post, we had talked about puppy-proofing the bathroom. But what if you wanted a kitten instead of a puppy. You’re in luck because now we are not gonna just kitten-proof the bathroom, but the whole house. We also offer premium cat enclosures to make your cat comfortable and safe.

cats, kittens, kitten-proof, cat safety, cat ownership, cat care cats, kittens, kitten-proof, cat safety, cat ownership, cat care cats, kittens, kitten-proof, cat safety, cat ownership, cat care

Kitchen Cupboards

Though a young fluffy kitten might not be strong enough to pull open a cupboard door, he might sneak inside one that is left open. And an older kitten may figure out how to prop open the doors just enough to climb inside. You can prevent this behavior by installing childproof latches on the doors. This becomes especially important if you store cleaning chemicals inside your kitchen cabinets.

Loose String

There’s a reason so many illustrations of cats show them with balls of yarn, cats love dangling string! Make sure your kitten can’t ingest string-like items such as dental floss, fishing wire and sewing thread, and keep your crafting yarn out of reach. If your kitten ingests these items, the string can become impacted in his stomach or intestines, causing blockages and requiring veterinary attention.

The Pulls for Drapes and Window Blinds

These strings hold a similar appeal for kittens and they love to bat at them! Doing so will tangle them, creating a mess for you, but your kitten might also become tangled in the strings, harming or even strangling himself. Keep the strings tied up and out of reach to prevent problems with your little kitty.

Window Screens

If your kitten likes to sit in the window to view the world outside, it is important that the window screens fit securely. You don’t want your kitten to push against the screen and have it pop out! Not only could your kitten get lost outside, but if the window is upstairs, he could take a serious fall.

Clothes Dryers and Washing Machines

A warm dryer or cozy washing machine is a tempting place for a kitten to curl up for a snug nap. A serious accident could occur if you run the washer or dryer with the kitten inside! Keep the doors to these appliances shut to avoid mishaps.

Household Items

Some common household items can be toxic to cats, and kittens may be even more susceptible to poisoning from them because of their smaller size. These items include batteries, moth balls, cigarettes and fabric softener sheets, as well as almost all household cleaners. If it is something you would keep away from a baby or toddler, you should probably make sure your kitten can’t access it either.

cats, kittens, kitten-proof, cat safety, cat ownership, cat care cats, kittens, kitten-proof, cat safety, cat ownership, cat care cats, kittens, kitten-proof, cat safety, cat ownership, cat care

House Plants

On our previous blog post, we posted a list of some common houseplants that are poisonous, to your cats and other house pets. If your kitten seems to like chewing on plants, offer her some safe cat grass, and remove the toxic plants from your home.

Table Food

In general, your kitten should be eating a food formulated especially for her growing needs, and not snacks from your dinner table. Human foods that can prove especially harmful to kittens include tomato leaves, coffee grounds, onions, yeast dough, macadamia nuts and salt. Alcoholic drinks of all types can also cause harm, so make sure you don’t leave your adult beverage where your kitten can sneak a sip.


Make sure your kitten cannot access any of your medications, or those of any other person in your home. The little pills are so tempting to bat around and maybe swallow. If your kitten does happen to get hold of one and ingests it, contact your local veterinarian or an animal poison control center immediately.

Burning candles and incense

If you are the type of person that likes to leave some candles burning in the house or some aromatic incense. Then it is advisable to be there all the time to supervise the burning candle and incense to avoid any unnecessary accident with your kitten, for it may cause some serious burns to your kitten or worst, your little kitten might set your house on fire.

Holiday Hazards

The holiday season presents a new set of cat-proofing challenges. All the festive decor and tasty chocolates may prove irresistible to your kitten. Keep in mind these tips as you prepare to celebrate with your friends and family.

Christmas Tree and Decorations

Those shiny, glittery ornaments look like the best types of cat toys to your kitten. And the sparkly tinsel looks just perfect for nibbling! To prevent mishaps, keep your fragile ornaments near the top of the tree, and wind the garland only on the top branches. Keep in mind that the water in the tree stand can make your kitten ill, so cover the stand or consider using a fake tree.

Holiday Candy

Switch from an open candy dish to a glass jar with a twist-on lid to prevent your kitten from sneaking into the living room and stealing your precious candies. Make sure your kitten can’t help himself to your candy treats.

Now, you know what to do. Ensure the safety of your beloved fur babies by kitten-proofing your houses. Purchase cat beds and cat scratching posts to entertain them, too!

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