How Well Do You Understand Cat Language?


You might be speaking a different language from your cat, but still, you can communicate and understand each other. How?

There are certain hints you can find to be able to understand your cat. You can look into her eyes or listen to the tone of her meow. You can also observe the movement of her tail and ears. Through these clues, you will definitely get an idea of what is on the mind of your feline pal.

I know that the hints I’ve given you are too vague. Don’t worry because we’ll get into each one of them below.

Body Gestures

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Do you often see your furry buddy arching her back up just to reach your hand when you touch her? If that is the case, she wants you to pet her. Here are some other body gestures you should learn to understand.


Also called “making biscuits”, kneading is when your cat makes playful gestures with her paws by working them on a soft surface. She does this to show that she is really happy.


Sometimes, you find your cat rubbing her body against you. And then you think it’s just her way to tell you that she loves you. In some cases, that might be what she wants to tell. But it can also be her way of marking her territory. You will notice that she also does this in chairs, doors, and toys. She just wants to tell people that these things are mine, including you, because she loves you.


Interpreting a cat’s simple meow is really hard at first. But as you learn to understand it, you will be able to tell whether it is time to wake up or if she is feeling pained or threatened. So what does she normally say?


Although it is normal for your cat to “meow”, this actually implies several things. She might just be asking how was your day at work, or she wants you to feed her. This can also mean she’s just making an announcement that it is her spot.


In most cases, cats purr because they are contented. They purr whenever they are happy. But then again, they also purr when they are sick or uneasy. They usually do this to comfort themselves.


A mother feline usually chirps to tell her babies to follow her. However, if your cat chirps at you, this means she wants you to follow her, usually to her feeding bowl.


A cat howls to tell you she is in an awful situation, such as she’s stuck in the box or she is hurt. If you hear her making that noise, go ahead and find her. She wants you to help her.

Body Parts

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Well, her every body part might just be telling a story. Just so you know, here are more hints:


If you notice the pupils of the eyes of your cat is constricted, she is offensively aggressive, yet content. But if the pupils of her eyes are dilated, she is nervous.


When the ears of your cat are in a forward position, this means she is interested and alert. This is the best time for her to play with toys in a cat scratching post. If it is backwards, she is scared or irritated. However, it is moving back and forth, she is paying careful attention to every sound.


If the fur on your cat’s tail is standing, she is afraid. If her tail is hidden between her legs, she is insecure. If it is straight up, she is excited and happy.

Your Cat’s Moods

Ever asked yourself how your cat is feeling? Here are several tips:


You can tell that your cat is being playful when her ears and whiskers are forward and her pupils are slightly dilated. During this time, she wants to grab her toy, bite it and wrestle it.


If you see your cat lying down with narrow pupils and eyes half-closed, she is happy. All she wants is to knead on a cozy surface, such as the sofa or her own scratching post.


An angry cat will normally look at another cat and growl at her until she goes out of her way. You can tell she’s angry because her ears are back and her pupils are somewhat constricted.

I am confident that you will know more than me over time. After all, you are a cat lover! Anyhow, I just hope my knowledge about cat language can help you in taking good care of your pet cat in all possible ways.

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