Cat Bed Hammock (Medium)

Cat Bed Hammock (Medium)

Cat Bed Hammock (Extra Large)

Cat Bed Hammock (Extra Large)

Cat Bed Hammock (Large)

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This large trampoline-style hammock bed is ideal for cats that love to lounge in the sun. Rather than making your kitty catch rays on the ground, why not offer him this comfortable and secure large hammock bed? He’ll stay cleaner and more comfortable off the pavement or grass. This product is also perfect for more mature cats both in and outdoors. Give their old joints a break and help them stay mobile by offering a bed that’s cosy and supportive.

You’ll find that the cat bed hammock is an ideal choice over traditional pet beds. This unit can accommodate several pets comfortably and is weather resistant, meaning it will not rot or attract mould. The removable cover is washable, making it a cinch to remove excess hair and dirt. Best of all, the laminate texture dries quickly and is resistant to mould and damp.

Keeping a bed hammock indoors is a great choice, as it protects cats from draughts and works in any season: add blankets for winter nights or store in a well-ventilated room during heatwaves. You can’t do that with a traditional fleece!

Key tip: Whether you place your trampoline inside or out, be careful when considering its placement. Cats like to rest in quiet, low-traffic areas. Though they may enjoy sunbathing, try to keep at least part of the bed in a shaded area so they can easily cool down when they’ve had enough. Always make sure your pet has access to fresh water when outdoors.

Animal Capacity:
This large hammock bed can accommodate 4-5 cats.

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 130cm x 20cm x 111cm
Width: 130cm
Height: 20cm
Length: 111cm

Hammock Bed Size: 106cm x 109cm
Width: 106cm
Length: 109cm

Cartons: 1 Carton



Price Inclusion

1 x Trampoline Cat Bed
1 x Carrying Bag

Capacity Name CATS
capacity 4
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