Cat Scratching Tree with Ladder (Large)

Cat Scratching Tree with Ladder (Large)

Simple Cat Scratching Tree (Small)

Simple Cat Scratching Tree (Small)

Cat Scratching Tree with Ladder (Extra Large)

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One of the many reasons why we love cats is how adorable and affectionate they can be. They can sit all day in the couch and remain as cute as they are but the moment they start grazing our feet to communicate with us, they become even more loveable.

On the other hand, many pet owners will agree that seeing one or two legs of their furniture were made into scratching posts by their pets is not a delightful sight. As this behavior is inherent among cats, especially when they are bored, we can’t risk ruining the rest of our house fittings by letting our feline friends turn everything into scratching paraphernalia.

The good news is that Coops and Cages has the solution to your cat’s scratching and perching needs with this extra-large tree ladder. Its sturdy structure guarantees the safety of your pets as they enjoy rubbing their fluffy bodies against the similarly soft and plush sisal covering of the poles. This tree ladder also has hanging toys and ropes that will keep your cats entertained, as well as cubes and perch areas where your cats can rest after playing.

This particular tree ladder comes in an even bigger size and can accommodate at least two kittens so you wouldn’t have to worry about your pets being bored. Plus, you can save yourself from the distress over possibly damaged furniture in your home. Its design also comes in a classic and stylish fashion making it easier to fit into any room. It also shouldn’t take up too much space. You just need to make sure that you place it in a flat and steady surface to secure the safety of your beloved cats.

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size:193cm x 61cm x 69cm
Height: 180cm
Width: 61cm
Length: 69cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Cat Tree
1 x Accessory Set
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CATS
capacity 4
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