Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Large)

Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Large)

Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Extra Large)

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Want to encourage your fussy felines forget about scratching your furniture? You’re just a click away from never again having to worry about damaged upholstery! This cat scratching post is the ultimate in fun for your pet cats, offering a staggering 244cm of vertical play space. Multi-cat homes will wonder how they ever managed without this amazing unit, which features plenty of hideouts and activities for every purrsonality.

There are three sisal posts of varying sizes on this unit, making it the perfect choice for cats that just can’t climb high enough. If your kitty gets tired on the way up, he’ll appreciate the three ultra cosy bed cubes and hammocks for comfort and privacy. Finally, note the included rope and mouse toys which will prevent obesity and encourage healthy play.

This unit is an absolute must for any household with anywhere from three to seven cats, especially if they are indoor-only. You need this secure, sturdy tree to provide hours of fun and allow your kitties to relieve their natural urge to scratch. Place on a flat surface to prevent injury. Order a catnip spray or some loose catnip leaves and spread onto the surface of the post to further entice appropriate scratching. Remember: a well-engaged kitty with access to plenty of toys is one that won’t destroy your home! Purchase this unit to satisfy all your feline’s desires, from play to sleep and beyond.

Simply follow the included instruction manual and you’ll be on your way to never having to worry about damaged furniture again.

Key tip: If you own a hybrid or exotic breed like a Bengal, you’ll need plenty of secure climbing spaces to satisfy their wild urge to get up high. This tree is exceptionally good for large, intelligent cats, as it offers plenty of challenging stimulation.

Animal Capacity:
This post will easily stimulate up to 7 energetic cats.

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 64cm x 170cm x 64m
Width: 64cm
Height: 170cm
Length: 64cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Cat Tree
1 x Mouse Accessory
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CATS
capacity 6+
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