Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Large)

Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Large)

Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Small)

Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Small)

Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Medium)

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There’s no way around it: cats were born to scratch. The fulfilment they get from clawing and pawing has nothing to do with a desire to ruin your furniture – rather, scratching is a means of marking their territory, and it makes your cat feel good! There’s no way to keep your cat from performing this essential activity, so you need some high-quality cat furniture or scratching post to stop your cat damaging your home. Luckily, this medium-sized cat scratching tree has everything you need to protect furniture and keep your kitty happy!

This model combines an attractive design with a range of activities for you cat. Whether your pet is a young kitten eager to perfect his hunting skills or a mature moggy that loves to hideaway for hours, this unit will satisfy all feline cravings. Complete with three sisal posts for years of scratching and a luxurious bed cube, you’ll save money and space by choosing this tree with its complete range of cat accessories.

The Complete Cat Scratching Tree also features a ladder for less mobile cats. Make sure to keep this unit on a flat surface to maintain stability. Mouse and rope toys are helpfully included, be feel free to add your own gear like feather balls and stuffed animals to give your kitties even more variety.

Key tip: Though nearly all cats will love to run their claws over sisal, some may have preferences as far as where they like to scratch. When placing your new scratching tree in your home, consider its location carefully. Many cats like to leave their mark in prominent locations so avoid putting your post in a secluded spot if your cat is outgoing.

More Information

Overall Size: 141cm x 40cm x 75cm
Height: 141cm
Width: 40cm
Length: 75cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Cat Tree
1 x Mouse Accessory
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CATS
capacity 2
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