Simple Cat Scratching Tree (Medium)

Simple Cat Scratching Tree (Medium)

Full Cat Scratching Tree (Large)

Full Cat Scratching Tree (Large)

Lounge Cat Steps (Medium)

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To say that small pets are cute would be an understatement. They are like tiny bundles of energy that do not seem to tire out despite playing all day. And when they finally give in to their little bodies’ need for a break, they still look adorable as they lie on the couch or the daybed.

The problem is it’s tough for smaller pets to reach high places such as sofas, beds, or the car with their little limbs. Also, their attempts to climb up these areas can impose damage on your furniture as their claws might snag the surface of your furniture. And if you’re the busy pet owner who can’t always keep an eye on your little critters, you need to make sure that they and your furniture are safe.

This plush lounge cat steps will make it easier for your small pets to climb up and down elevated areas while preventing your furniture from being ruined. The soft covering of this tiny staircase makes every step comfortable and its lightness makes moving it around manageable. With this luxurious-looking staircase, you can pamper your small pets a little more.

Its plush cover can also be removed and washed to ensure the sanitation of your pets’ surroundings. The soft beige color also makes the staircase easy to blend with the rest of your furniture and to fit into any room. Assembly of the Lounge Cat Steps is as easy as snapping your fingers. Just remember to consult with the user manual enclosure to ensure proper construction and safety of your pets.

Warranty: 12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 35.5cm x 31cm x 46cm
Width: 35.5cm
Height: 31cm
Length: 46cm

Size of Stair Steps: 10 cm x 15.5 cm
Width: 15.5cm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight:4.1 kg

Carton Size: 50cm x 47cm x 5.5cm

Width: 47cm
Height: 5.5cm
Price Inclusion

1 x 3-Step Dog Staircase
1 x Assembly Kit
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CATS
capacity 1
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