Cat Scratching Tree with Ramp (Medium)

Cat Scratching Tree with Ramp (Medium)

Lounge Cat Steps (Medium)

Lounge Cat Steps (Medium)

Simple Cat Scratching Tree (Medium)

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Cats can be such lovable furballs. They have no problem cuddling up on people’s laps, jumping on tables to grab attention, and get up to all sorts of funny adventures on their own at home that leave every witness laughing and smiling. They can also make for great pest control with their innate predatory instincts kicking in when rodents and insects move into their turf.

Never mind that they usually go about their own way without a care for being trained like their canine counterparts! They are their own masters.

Unfortunately, their playfulness and independent spirit can lead to messy incidents at home. They can leave scratched walls, slashed open pillows, and shattered plates when you let them out of your sight and they’re feeling frisky.

Getting this cat scratching tree will relieve you of those worries. It has five poles wrapped in durable sisal in both levels, giving your cat more than enough outlets for its scratching urges for a very long time.

One perch on the upper right and another at the very top are held up by two of the poles, securing comfy areas for your cat to climb up to and sit on. If it wants to hide under shelter, a snug little room is readily available in the second platform.

Underneath one perch hangs a rope while the other hangs a toy mouse. Cats love to play with such things, and they can spend a lot of time just pawing over these baubles to see what how they react.

The design for the scratching tree is a two-tone cute blue and white color scheme done in a soft plush cover. The two step ladder leading up to the second platform also has sisal wrapped rungs. It’s a stable structure that not only gives your cat a cool little playground but also looks quite nice in any home.

Just follow the easy instructions in the user manual and set your cat up!

Warranty: 12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 73cm x 120cm
Width: 73cm
Height: 120cm

Base Size: 53cm x 53cm x 73cm

Step Ladder Size: 20cm x 54cm
Length: 54cm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight:16 kg

Carton Size: 55cm x 54cm x 32cm

Length: 55cm
Width: 54cm
Height: 32cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Cat Tree
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CATS
capacity 2
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