Walk-In Chicken Coop with Nest Box (Large)

Walk-In Chicken Coop with Nest Box (Large)

Full Chicken Coop with Run and Nest Box (Extra Large)

Full Chicken Coop with Run and Nest Box (Extra Large)

Double Storey Chicken Coop (Portable)

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Every chicken owner knows that it doesn’t take long for a good-sized flock to reap havoc on the garden. Within days your lawn and plants will be shredded if you allow your chickens or chicken run free! Yet, hens just won’t be happy if they can’t peck and play the day away. Luckily there’s an easy compromise: this double story chicken coop is the perfect way to let your flock play and still protect your garden, with the added bonus that it’s portable and easy to move to different locations. Give your ground and chickens a break by choosing one of the most convenient coops around.

Made from durable fir wood, this unit offers a snug, convenient run space for your hens. Worried about summer heat? It’s the perfect model for promoting good airflow, with sturdy metal bars in place toprotect and ventilate your hens all season long. The asphalt roof makes for an excellent barrier against sun and water, plus it’s extremely easy to clean.

Inside the first floor your bird will be able to hunker down and sleep in complete peace, as one side of the coop is securely enclosed for warmth and protection. The run below is accessible via the built-in ramp, which can be stowed away when you need to keep your hens in one place.

Cleaning has never been easier with the clever hinged lid, and you’ll find it simple to get ahold of your chickens by opening one of three doors located on the ground and top floor of this unit.

Key tip: Always be sure to place your chicken coop on a site with good drainage - you’ll be doing yourself and your flock a favour. Overly damp areas can easily become dirty and may be conductive to disease! An easy solution is to face your coop south for extra sunlight exposure, thereby drying up excess moisture quickly.

Animal Capacity: This elevated coop will securely house 2 small to medium chickens.

Warranty: 12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 93cm x 76cm x 40cm
Width: 93cm
Height: 76cm
Length: 40cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Chicken Coop
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CHICKENS
capacity 2
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