Double Storey Chicken Coop with Nest Box (Large)

Double Storey Chicken Coop with Nest Box (Large)

Double Storey Chicken Coop with Run (Large)

Double Storey Chicken Coop with Run (Large)

Double Storey Chicken Coop with Run (Medium)

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Looking for an easy way to keep your chickens happy and safe outside? This double story chicken coup has a built in run that allows your precious pets to play and rest as they see fit – all whilst keeping them in control and away from your prized plants. Chickens do best when allowed to explore and peck around in their environment, and our medium sized double story run is an ideal choice for giving your birds the playtime they crave.

Featuring a double-door, divided living space, this coop allows you easy access to your chickens through a lift-up lid. The built-in ramp leads to a fenced-in run down below, allowing your chickens’ access to grass and any fun toys you leave for them. Try placing some dry soil in the run so your chickens can keep themselves clean and cool! Catch slugs around your garden and place them in the run to give your chickens a tasty treat.

Finally, our double story run offers superior protection from predators. With sturdy rectangular netting, your birds will be protected from brazen foxes and quolls. Each door has a safety lock, preventing experienced predators from breaking into the coop.

Key tip: Bored chickens may start to peck at each other! Always make sure your flock has access to fresh ground and lots of stimulating toys.

Animal Capacity: This coop with built-in run will comfortably house 2 chickens, though more can be placed in the run.

Warranty: 12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size : 93cm x 94cm x 96cm
Width: 93cm
Height: 94cm
Length: 96cm

Sleeping Hutch Size: 29cm x 41.5cm x 45cm
Width: 29cm
Height: 41.5cm
Length: 45cm

Indoor Second Area Size: 48cm x 41.5cm x 45cm
Width: 48cm
Height: 41.5cm
Length: 45cm

Ground Area Size: 93cm x 50cm x 96cm
Width: 93cm
Height: 50cm
Length: 96cm

Gap Between Wire: 22 mm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 23.5 kg

Carton Size: 103cm x 51cm x 25cm

Length: 103cm
Width: 51cm
Height: 25cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Chicken Coop
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CHICKENS
capacity 2
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