Double Storey Chicken Coop (Portable)

Double Storey Chicken Coop (Portable)

Wide Chicken Coop with Nest Box (Large)

Wide Chicken Coop with Nest Box (Large)

Full Chicken Coop with Run and Nest Box (Extra Large)

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Constructed of sturdy fir, this spacious chicken coop keeps your hens secure as they graze. This roomy coop incorporates two integrated runs with an open floor, which allows your lovely little pet to graze and run on the field, ensuring adequate exercise in utter safety.

After their leisure time, your chickens will naturally feel tired. But not to worry—they can get their rest when they roost inside the henhouse, which is connected to the grazing area via non-slip ramp access. When they are tired, your hens can simply climb up the ramp and rest.

The henhouse is separated into two rooms: one for sleeping and the other for nesting. You can securely close the sliding door, enclosing your chickens at night in the house’s sturdy fir construction. Fully removable perches in the henhouse allow for the ultimate in flexibility, letting your hens roost or stand inside the house.

Meanwhile, the nesting room is split into two small rooms that allow up to two hens to lay eggs inside. A green asphalt roof can be opened, allowing you to easily collect the eggs inside while providing rain and sun protection. A plastic tray beneath the house enables easy cleaning, and the access doors are equipped with security locks, ensuring the safety of your hens.

Fences let you observe your hens as they go about their day, and also protect them from predators such as snakes and cats. With the Full Chicken Coop with Run and Nest Box, you can give your hens a safe and comfortable home today!

Warranty: 12 month Warranty

More Information

Entire Size: 199 cm (W) x 103 cm (H) x 275 cm (L)
Width: 199 cm
Height: 103 cm
Length: 275 cm

Overall House Size: 75.5cm (W) x 103cm (H) x 199cm (L)
Width: 75.5cm
Height: 103cm
Length: 199cm

Bedroom Size: 56 (L) cm x 70 (W) cm

Nesting room Size: : 65 (L) cm x 33 (W) cm x 38 (H) cm

Ground Floor Size: 160 (L) cm x 70 (W) x 100 (H) cm

Run Size: 200 (L) cm x 160 (W) cm x 100 (H) cm

Cartons: 3 Cartons

Carton Weight:60 kg

Carton Size: 104cm x 98cm x 53cm

Length: 104cm
Width: 98cm
Height: 53cm

Bar Width(mm): 13.5

Price Inclusion

1 x Pet Cage with Run
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CHICKENS
capacity 6+
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