Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Medium)

Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Medium)

Cat Scratching Pole (Medium) - Grey

Cat Scratching Pole (Medium) - Grey

Complete Cat Scratching Tree (Small)

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Want to teach your new kitten to use a scratching tree instead of the heirloom armchair? This is the perfect toy to get your cat off on the right start in life. It’s important to build good habits from a young age, and with this great scratching tree your kitten (or older cat) will be spoiled for choice of activities.

Cats universally love sisal, as found on the posts of this tree, but this unit also has plenty soft and sleek surfaces on which your kitty will just love to nap. The small bed cube makes the perfect hiding spot for shy or sleepy cats, whilst the perches will let your cat survey his home safely, with minimal risk of slipping, falling or accidents!

Scratching is a lifelong activity for cats, and you’ll find this smaller is unit is perfect for both young and mature moggies. Use the included mouse and rope accessories to add even more fun to your cat’s daily routine. Sprinkle catnip on the tubes for extra excitement.

Key tip: If your cat has already started damaging your furniture, you’ll need to break the habit straight away. Move your chair to a less desirable location and wrap the scratched surfaces in unappealing materials like aluminium foil or double-sided tape. Also make sure that you have some cat scratching posts or mats already set up, as your cat will quickly look for a new place to sink his claws. Disciplining a cat is rarely effective, so be sure to praise and encourage your kitty when he uses his toy instead of your furniture.

Animal Capacity:
This scratching tree is appropriate for two cats depending on age and how well they get along.

12 month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 53cm x 120cm x 53cm
Width: 53cm
Height: 120cm
Length: 53cm

Cat Enclosure Size: 31cm x 26cm x 31cm
Width: 31cm
Height: 26cm
Length: 31cm

Cartons: 1 Cartons

Carton Weight: 16 kg

Carton Size: 55cm x 55cm x 32cm

Length: 55cm
Width: 55cm
Height: 32cm

Price Inclusion

1 x Cat Tree
1 x Mouse Accessory
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CATS
capacity 2
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