Double Storey Chicken Coop (Medium)

Double Storey Chicken Coop (Medium)

Two-Storey Chicken Coop with Run (Extra Large)

Two-Storey Chicken Coop with Run (Extra Large)

Complete Double Storey Chicken Coop (Large)

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Choosing the perfect chicken coop is never easy. One wrong move and your entire flock might suffer. Thus, it is just right that at the start, you choose carefully. Take into consideration the number of your birds and their breed, and sure enough, there’ll be minimal problems soon.

Chicken coops are now sold in different styles and designs. While some come with runs, others boast great features, such as perches and nest boxes. Even with all the varieties, nothing compares to this robust double storey chicken coop.

Built with perfection in mind, this robust chook house can be assembled and disassembled with ease. Therefore, if you wish to move its location from one point to another, you won’t have to worry so much. As long as you have a couple of tools, then you are already good to go.

In addition, this enclosure features a ramp that connects the compartment to the ground, giving more space for your chickens to roam around. Below the compartment is an iron drawer, designed to make cleaning easier and no sweat for poultry farmers.

Key Tip. Your responsibility as the owner does not end in the installation of this coop. Of course, you need to observe cleanliness all the time, otherwise, your flock will suffer illnesses. 

  • Wide Enclosure
  • Can Resist Water Damage as It Is Treated w/ Non-Toxic Chemicals
  • Large Hutch
  • Simple to Assemble
  • Durable Iron Drawer
  • Simple to Clean
  • Has Two Large Entry Points
  • Has a Ramp That Connects the Ground and the Compartment

Animal Capacity:
This enclosure can comfortably fit 2 to 3 chickens.

12-Month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 147cm x 65cm x 101cm

Length: 147cm

Width: 65cm

Height: 101cm


Packing Size: 101.5cm x 63.5cm x 19.5 cm



Price Inclusion

1 x Chicken Coop
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name CHICKENS
capacity 3
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