Portable Travel Guinea Pig Carrier (Large) - Grey

Portable Travel Guinea Pig Carrier (Large) - Grey

Two-Tier Guinea Pig Hutch with Double Trays

Two-Tier Guinea Pig Hutch with Double Trays

Complete Double Storey Guinea Pig Hutch (Large)

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Like any other pets, guinea pigs need a cozy home to survive. Although they are normally placed inside aquariums by some pet owners, if you really care about them, it is just right to get them something more comfortable like this complete double storey hutch. 

To be certain that your cavies receive only the best, do not hesitate to research and ask about guinea pig hutches. Check out for those features that will be helpful and will be needed by your pets. At the end of the day, they will reward you with all the love and affection they can provide. 

But then again, we’ve made it easy for you to choose the right hutch because this unit has everything you and your pets will ask for – a wide run, a relaxing shelter, and a durable framework for added protection.

Key Tip. An enclosure like this plays a vital role in the lives of your guinea pigs. However, this does not mean you just keep them inside it all throughout their existence. As the owner, you need to spend quality time with them. Let them out of the hutch and play with them. By doing that, you will not just help them exercise and become healthy. You are also building a long and lasting relationship with them.

  • Spacious Run
  • High-quality fir wood material with powder coated wire
  • Can Be Assembled with Ease
  • With Green asphalt roof for weather protection
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy access doors
  • Slide out tray for easy cleaning
  • Strong, firm security locks
  • Water proof and anti-termite
  • Features a Foldable Ramp That Connects the Ground and the Compartment

Animal Capacity:

This enclosure can comfortably fit 2 to 3 Guinea Pigs.

12-Month Warranty

More Information

Overall Size: 155m x 60cm x 90cm

Length: 155cm

Width: 60cm

Height: 90cm


Price Inclusion

1 x Guinea Pig Hutch
1 x User Manual

Capacity Name GUINEA PIGS
capacity 5
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